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September 22, 2018
I made a post on my website featuring a certain product that I found on amazon and now the item has been discontinued on amazon. I researched to find a similar product but can’t seem to find one. I made a notation on my post that the item was out of stock and to please check back later but now I have discovered the item is discontinued. I now have a post that I guess is dead. I don’t think I can delete a post that is already placed in the google search engine. Does anyone have any
June 06, 2018
I thought I would try something new but I am having a hard time getting it to work. I am linked up with share a sale and I noticed you could make a product store on their site and link to it from your website so I stepped out of my little comfort zone and thought I would try it. It was easy to do on their site but I cant link to it from my site. The text link is really large so I am thinking that may be the problem. Can this be done from a text link or do I need to take a bigger leap and try th
May 04, 2018
My membership expired with amazon. I tried to make a sale in the 180 days they gave me but it didnt happen. I re-applied today and now I am good for another 180 days. I was wondering if I need to go back and re-link all the products that are already linked to amazon products on my website? I think they changed my code( the code embedded in the link that links the sale to me ) I really hope i dont have to for that would really be time consuming. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael C
April 08, 2018
I noticed today while working on my website that every time i enter the back office my computer says there is a problem with the security certificate. I posted an article on facebook and i included a link to a post that i have on the site and when i try to go to the post through facebook i get the same error message. Can someone tell me whats going on? I cant think of anything that I could have done to cause this.
March 10, 2018
I know this has been mentioned hundreds of times but since it happened to me because i was not thinking at the time. I would like to remind everyone to save their work when writing in site content. I published before saving and when my article went to wordpress for editing I only had half of an artice. I saved the article when I took a lunch break and thats what went to wordpress or I probably would have lost it all. Oh well lesson learned.
February 24, 2018
I finally have a post that ranked on page 4 of google. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but for someone that was on the verge of giving up on google. I considered it a small victory. I am now working on trying to improve that ranking. I hope google will maybe put it higher if I can make the right changes. I just had to tell somebody. Michael
February 11, 2018
So a few days ago I decided to take the plunge and try facebook. I have never had an account with facebook before. I have read where facebook can be a good marketing tool so I created an account. All went well the first day. I was going to take it slow since it was all new to me so I read a couple of posts and sent out some friend requests. I just created the account and looked around a little. I try to log back in today and for some reason my account is locked. they requested a picture for fac
December 30, 2017
I think we all would love to have all of our wishes come true. The reality of wishes though usually always requires effort on our part. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. The moral to the story is that in order to have or discover greatness you have to understand that it is almost impossible to achieve this without help from other sources. Here at WA I have found that it is like a well of knowledge and all you have to do is drop the bucket into the well to draw it out. Of course there is a
September 29, 2017
It has been quite a ride here at WA. I am glad I started the program and I have accomplished a lot in the last month. I am on course 2 lesson 10 in the program. My niche is solar products and my goal is to become an amazon affiliate and sell solar products on my website. My 3 month goal is to have my site up and running before Christmas. My 6 month goal is to start another website an get it up and running also. Its been a slow process but that's my fault by not working as hard as I should have.