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Last Update: July 21, 2017

So it's been three months since I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate. And this opportunity has really opened my eyes. As I've written in my personal profile, I'm a humanitarian. Sure, I'm passionate about travel and I yearn and crave new experiences. I have a certain zest for life you might say. I also dabble in photography, which for me goes hand-in-hand with nature and wanting to capture so many beautiful moments to share with others. But I have another passion, and that's people.

I have always had a love for people, although I admit it began with a love for children. It began by being a child that wanted and needed love herself. And that child grew into a woman that lives to give, lives to cherish, lives to love. After working for years in childcare, then years in the disability field, I now strive to become involved with children and young adults rescued from the human trafficking industry.

I spent some time in SE Asia, and Cambodia in particular only strengthened my need to help in this area. Seeing signs posted in my hostel, "No child abuse allowed in room." Learning first hand that tuk-tuk drivers ask male travelers as they pick them up from the airport, "You want child? You want sex with child, I take you now?" Seeing little girls in high heels on dusty street corners. Banners in windows with a tearful little face and a cry for help and saving. It only fueled my fire. So when I came back to the states I looked up sex trafficking, I researched internships and job opportunities. And Knoxville, Tennessee popped up as one of the leading progressive cities taking a stand against the human sex trade. Due to the specific interstate system (the major crossroads of I-75 and I-40) in Knoxville, the human trafficking ring is out of control and growing in Tennessee.

So I put in my noticed at my long-term disability care job a few states away, and I moved to Knoxville. I attended some volunteer classes, gathered some information, and joined a few email lists. I plan on volunteering in a home that is currently being built, that will house children 18 and younger who have been rescued from this lifestyle. It is my goal to help rehabilitate and reintegrate them back into society. The nearest children's home is two hours away in North Carolina, there's just no where to put these kids. So I also intend on taking the 12 week fostering course this winter. I'd like to become a transition home when I'm not away traveling.

So by now you're probably like, "What exactly does all of this have to do with Wealthy Affiliate?"

Well, I'll tell ya. It's unfortunate that so many opportunities in any humanitarian field are volunteer based, as this prohibits so many from helping and becoming involved. We all need money, so we all need to work. Volunteering isn't always an option. And this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. WA has provided me the chance to "work from home." Sure, it's only been three months. But if you've read my previous blog, "My first 5 weeks at Wealthy Affiliate" you know I'm ambitious. I'm motivated. I want this and that's all I need to make it work. Once I have my website working for me, I'll have time to do the things my heart wants so badly to do. Like volunteer.

What is it that your heart wants to do? How could working for yourself, from home, from anywhere in the world, on your own terms, and for however long or little ya like -- How would this help you do the things that make your life worth living?

What are you passionate about? When was the last time you spent time doing that thing?There was a time that working 9-5's were the way to go. If you spent your life at the same company, it insured being taken care of when retirement came. But that is long gone.

Stop putting your faith, your time and effort, your energy, your life into a company, a boss, an idea that is now null and void. Start putting those things back into yourself. Working for someone else is only making their dreams come true. Isn't it time to think about your own?

Start here.

You can also check out my personal review here http://backpackingruffian.com/...

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pablocortina Premium
Keep up the good work
markr0675 Premium
I so agree with you. I've been saying the same thing as far as working for someone else.
That's why I joined in on the fun here. :0)

Have a great weekend Courtney!
CourtneyV1 Premium
Happy you've found yourself here! Best of luck to you!
WarrenK1 Premium
Good, powerful post, Courtney. Thanks for sharing.

CourtneyV1 Premium
Thanks Warren!!
MHulsizer Premium
You have an amazing heart! Your personality shines through your writing and your absolutely an awesome writer to go along with that! I wish you all the best on all of your journeys you are taking. The things you are doing for those children are outstanding, and it takes a special person to volunteer their time to help!! Your so special!!

Best wishes to you my friend!

CourtneyV1 Premium
Aww thanks, Misty!! I'm chugging along with growing my website knowing that one day, hopefully sooner than later, I'll be able to do exactly what I moved here to do!! Until then, I'll keep putting in the time and work! It'll be worth it, I know!

Much success to you as well!!
MHulsizer Premium
You will do great things!! I just know it!