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Last Update: April 26, 2016

Been thinking about my blog all day.. All the things I wanted to write about. All the angles I could put on things in my niche. All the people I was going to help.. Wow I couldn't wait until I was back in front of my computer..

So here I am again.. Sitting in front of my computer. Freshly brewed coffee in the cup, kids put in bed. Everything set.. And now I find myself:

  • Looking at videos of how to do things.
  • Testing different graphical tools.
  • Reading other peoples blog
  • Thinking about all the niches out there and the next project I am going to do

Suddenly I realized that I wanted to do so many things at the same time, that I actually didnt got anything done. So what to do about that?

Well my best advice: Accept the fact that things take time and then FOCUS on one step at the time, then you will slowly but steadily reach your goal. For example, take that one course at the time and do what you are asked instead of trying to skip ahead (tempting as it may be).

What about you? Have you experienced a situation where you lost focus as you wanted to do to many things all at the same time?

Till next time..


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JudeP Premium
Slow and steady wins the race :)
Cortex2k Premium
Yes I agree Jude.. But it is hard to do when you have a case of ADD/SOS like me :-)
Maxiam59 Premium
yes it is a well known disease called SOS (shiny object syndrome ) and there is no cure just bandaids all the best Max
Cortex2k Premium
LOL Max :-) That is a really great abbreviation. I have not heard that before. Will use that SOS term more often, as it is definitely a disease I have :-)

feigner Premium
yeah i know that feeling - where did today go?
must try harder tomorrow !!

Cortex2k Premium
Thanks for commenting Phil. Actually writing this blog today just activated me in a new way.. Just finished 2 posts, and am on fire today :-)

Hope I can continue this focus tomorrow.

Have a good one
sSchovajsa Premium
Great advice! Thank you.
Cortex2k Premium
No problem sSchovajsa, I am happy if anyone can use the advise. And thanks for commenting.