Life At ITS Best

Last Update: November 04, 2017

Life goes on and on. We live everyday pretty much the same. Some days

Only bad things put in our way to slow us down. We throw them to the side

And move on. We are stoppable if we want to be. Most of us fight back until

We can't fight no more. This is life at its best. I don't think so. We just accept

That is the way we were to be. We can change our everyday existence by

Doing things differently than normal done. Step out and do the unstoppable

Things you dream of that are life at its best.

Life at its best threw us a bunch of rotten things which does change your life

In many ways. I mention before about my Moms dog Ellie a Bichon Frise was

Not doing well she passed away. Then just before Halloween my daughters

Dog Squirt, the son of Ellie which was a Shih Tzu Bichon was run over by a

Car and passed away. I was very heart broken of the lost of these two dogs.

I’m not much of a pet lover but, when Squirt was with us while Jennifer is at

school it get use to them. Both were smart dogs. Ellie could dance around in

a circle on two feet just like Squirt could. But, Squirt was different he could

play catch with a tennis ball. When threw it across the room he would go a

fetch it and bring it back to you. He sure didn’t like letting it go. He would play

growl at Us. When he was done running after the ball he would hide it under

the bed or table. They truly will be missed by us all.

My husbands Mother had a stroke about the same time all this happen with

The dogs. She is not doing well at all. My husband had to cut his fishing trip

Short to come home. So, these are circumstances that we never want to have

To go threw. We have to figure out the path to move on and make a better

situation livable.

I think, I‘ve been a little more on the negative side this past month. Life isn’t easy when

it’s not at its best. There is no sugar coat to help you get life at its best. You have to want

it and go after it. Work hard be positive. Think outside the box. Grow from all situations

and explore new horizons. To Get LIFE At It’s Best.

Remain Strong With WA

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AlexFerns Premium
My prayers are with you.
ConnieThomas Premium
Thank you that's very nice of you to pray for me. Very thankful.
HenryBurton Premium
I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Praying for you. I love your determination, even when life seems like the worst. We're here for you Connie!
ConnieThomas Premium
Thank you for your prayers. I am trying to keep my determination always.