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November 11, 2017
.I will Miss It allIt has been so educational for me being with Wealthy Affiliate. I have learn lots of things and taken lots of notes because, I don’t ever remember anything. I regret I didn’t talk more to people but, I tried to read but, I went to sleep. Then I would be at computer I would wake up start again. I often deleted things I shouldn’t of. This is my last entry of the good life here at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay, so sorry I missed your program the last couple of times
November 04, 2017
Life goes on and on. We live everyday pretty much the same. Some days Only bad things put in our way to slow us down. We throw them to the side And move on. We are stoppable if we want to be. Most of us fight back until We can't fight no more. This is life at its best. I don't think so. We just accept That is the way we were to be. We can change our everyday existence by Doing things differently than normal done. Step out and do the unstoppable Things you dream of that are life at it
October 16, 2017
Been going in circles all week. Unable to get site indexed yet. Have to prove ownership. Don't understand what they want. Thought it was the site-map. Theme is listed wrong in word press help. I never had that theme. Have a different one. Not sure what is next. I'm sure its not all that bad but, it is. Anyone have words of wisdom to get out of this mess? It is the Ocean Theme and It is activated but, still cant quite get it open right. ThanksRemain Strong With WA
October 04, 2017
Once in a while you need a laugh, I ripped the back page from our progressive farmer magazine that just came. I was reading some of the sayings about Sense. Common sense right. We all have some. But, some have more than they need. One Saying was from a lady named Jane Austin who said, BETTER BE WITHOUT SENSE THAN MISAPPLY IT AS YOU DO. I look up who this lady was so, I could understand this saying in a different light. She was born in Steventon, Hampshire, England on December 16,1776. She wa
These are deep rules if you let them be. I am sure of one thing I don't know what to do but,I think I know how it will turn out so, I will keep dancing around until I get what I want. I am extra busy with set backs in every direction right now. I am really loving the extra ,extra warm days we get. I can't stand the cold at all. Trademarks and patents seem alittle important to me so I think I shall just have to speak to the lawyer since no one had any words of widsom to help with this. I need t
September 26, 2017
How to get ownership of product to sellIs there anything better for products to get besides a patient? Is Clearance or non infringement patent a better route to go? What about Legal Zoom to get patents?What did I do to my web site? Does the theme needs to be different.? I can't load blog and product on same page Why?. Now, I must of dozed. I cant see anything. What happen to the sidebar? Any ideas please let me know. Thank-you.And yes, my computer is not working again. Has
September 04, 2017
Being possitive in a world of nothing but, unhappy happings waiting to occur is no fun, You have this very uneasy feeling about everything. You try blocking out the insaneness. My life is unpredidable. I have so many hidden agendas with added links that don't help. Then, you become more confused. I'm sure it all will end sometime. I will not like the ending at all. I'll want the insanty back. Reading how successfull people handle stress. By Travis Bradberry @ www.forbes.comI think being
My last post was ranked around 900 Mark I thought. Now it is 48855. I hope this is wrong. I guess I can't be sick. Can't help. Others. If this is the jump that means I may not catch up or I have work to do. ALOT.WELL .I can't even think. That's normal.but, wow! Maybe my hacker on facebook is still lurking. Im sure concerned .LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT
August 13, 2017
My city of about 838 people was once again flooded. The flood zone area is flood from yellow creek. This time was about the 4th time. I think like 2002, 2010, 2011, 2017. This time was worst than all the other times. Some folks told me 24 inches of water in their home. Went clear up to the second floor this time. All roads were closed into town.People used boats to get around. They waited for water levels to go down. Visited with neighbors and friends. Watched their stuff floating around in t
August 10, 2017
Been suggested to me that blogging can be big money. You need to have good content. Hopefuly find traffic. Build a good onship with the readers. Then income will come. Yes, I Know it's not that simple. BUT, practice makes it perfect. The key maybe is it should be useful. It should help them to become better or change there life for the better.It will change you also. Money will come slow at first while learning or you may be a natural and it will be fast coming.Brush up on writing skills. Con