One and So Young Yet

Last Update: February 18, 2019

Okay, I'm a newbie here at WA. I'm only on the second level of training, barely 2 weeks into the lessons. This past weekend I logged into WA and got a notice that I ranked on Google for my ever-so-newborn website. My baby ranked absolute #1 on the page. I couldn't believe it. I had to check it a few times.

Just as a baby grows into a wonderful young adult, so goes my website. I'm trying to imagine what it will look like a few months from now, but it is difficult. There will be many changes to the site as time goes on, just as my own children have gone through over the years.

I may experience many stumbles and trials along with elation. I am pleased and proud of my accomplishments, thus far. I am ready to take on new experiences that are waiting for me in the future. This website is a new phase of life for me.

Thank you, WA. I have been blessed to find you. It will be interesting to watch the growth of my website in the years to come.

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jillxyz Premium
You rock! Cheers AJ
merlynmac Premium
Congratulations. That's impressive progress. Keep it up!
Rackim Premium
Wow, congratulations!!!