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April 09, 2020
After one year, and many personal changes in my life, I was able to to upgrade to a premium yearly membership. Woohoo!
March 03, 2019
I would have never suspected that after my high school and college days of writing essays, I would be back at it again. Strange thing, though, this time I'm actually enjoying the writing.I am writing for me, for a purpose and about things I like. That's what the difference is. This weekend, my mind was just swarming with so many ideas that it took a bit to narrow the field. I ended up writing a few more posts then walking around the house on a "high" note. It felt good, yet felt strange. Did I
February 26, 2019
Facebook is not necessarly my thing, my go-to spot, like some individuals, along with Twitter, SnapChat, and all the other forms of social media. I am not one to post much, maybe a share here or there or to like something or to say I participated in a 5K run/walk. So when I joined WA as a premium member, I was overwhelmed with all the posts and blogs. I actually started to draw in, not wanting to take part. After about 4 weeks of training, WA started to look more like a family than a 3 ring cir
February 18, 2019
Okay, I'm a newbie here at WA. I'm only on the second level of training, barely 2 weeks into the lessons. This past weekend I logged into WA and got a notice that I ranked on Google for my ever-so-newborn website. My baby ranked absolute #1 on the page. I couldn't believe it. I had to check it a few times. Just as a baby grows into a wonderful young adult, so goes my website. I'm trying to imagine what it will look like a few months from now, but it is difficult. There will be many changes to t