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Last Update: May 7, 2022

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I've been creating very thorough content with my site and seeing some awesome results. I figured I'd "pipe in" on some things that might help you get an idea of what you need to do as you move forward and learn how to create content on your website!

Thorough Content WORKS

2 days ago I created a "buyer's guide" on my website that is over 5,300 words long. Published as a blog post, I go over the pros and cons of each product and then elaborate on the "guidelines" that someone should follow while searching for the types of products that I'm promoting within the guide.

A day after publishing, I hopped on SiteComments and got a couple of great comments from folks within this platform.

It's now at position #2 in the SERPs, only a couple of days after publishing.

You see, creating content with your website... And having it connected to Google Analyics and Webmaster Tools gives you a great deal of insight on what works and what doesn't.

This guide that I published is a similar structure to the 5+ other guides that are ranked at the #1 spot on page 1 within the same realm of the type of guide that it is, which is basically helping people to save the most money that they can with a specific type of product and sharing multiple products that I feel would help them the most.

There is some training here within WA that goes over how to create awesome buyer's guides. Shows step-by-step how to create a guide that is easy on the eyes to your readers and promotes the products in a clean, helpful way.

Here is a GREAT module that Jay went through that goes over how to create buyer's guides:

Analyze Your Competition And Do Something Better

There is competition all-around when you're doing keyword research trying to find keywords to create buyer's guides for.

Some examples would be:

"Best L-Shaped Desks For Under $100"

"Best Gaming Speakers For Under $50"

"Best Gardening Tools For Beginners"

These are the types of keywords that you could absolutely build buyer's guides around, sharing multiple products, the pros and cons of each, and comparing each product to one another.

When I research the competition for a specific keyword that I'd like to create content with, I check the "QSR" within Jaxxy right away. Though, sometimes, it doesn't accurately show what the real QSR is.

QSR is the "quoted search result" of any given keyword. So, if you want to manually check the QSR, all you have to do is put the keyword in quotes within the search engine.

For example, if I wanted to check the competition manually for best l-shaped desks for under $100, I'd type in "best l-shaped desks for under $100" in quotes within the search engine itself.

Usually, Jaxxy is pretty accurate on the QSR, but sometimes if it shows up as 100 or 200... I tend to check myself and find that sometimes it's as low as 2 or 3.

But you also need to check the actual competition for the keyword. Just because the keyword isn't being targeted specifically doesn't mean that there are other content creators that haven't targeted the same keyword but in a different way.

Go ahead and search the term without quotes, and take a look at how many creators have targeted the keyword itself or in similar fashion.

Let's say that someone else has targeted the best l-shaped desks for under $100. They have a buyer's guide and maybe the title is something along the lines of:

"The 5 Best L-Shaped Desks Under $100 In 2022"

Then you click on it.

Maybe they aren't being thorough while sharing each desk... Maybe they aren't adding clear calls to action to buy the product... Maybe their website loads super slow... Maybe their website design is confusing to navigate... Maybe you could share 10 total desks to be more thorough and give more options for readers that need help finding the best desks...

These are things that you should be on the lookout for while taking a gander at the competition for a specific keyword!

I've found keywords that absolutely nobody has created content for and hopped on the opportunity. Some keywords have been "taken" by some huge websites, I'm talking about the websites that have over 1,000,000 visits PER MONTH on their website... And I'm still able to outrank them.

It's about helping the readers in the best way possible. Even some of the "big" websites don't do a good enough job of that.

A Great UX + Thorough Content + Authenticity = Rankings

People are lost while doing their own research online when it comes to finding content online that truly helps them...

A great UX (user experience) comes down to having a website that loads fast, is easy to navigate, is very mobile-friendly, and the content within the website gets to the point and shares exactly what a reader is looking for.

If someone created a guide on the best cheap dog toys and they're only sharing 5 dog toys, I'd say to go ahead and create an extremely thorough guide that has 10 or more dog toys.

Odds are, if your website is super user-friendly, you are authentic, and are sharing good information about each product... You'll be able to outrank the competition.

At the start of this article, I shared how one of my newest guides that I published a couple of days ago is already at the #2 spot on the first page... This is NOT going to be what happens every single time when you target a keyword, share more products than the competition, and create a better experience.

Sometimes it takes longer than others... The less competition that is there for a specific keyword, and the more authority that you have built up over a longer period of time within your niche, the faster that rankings will build up which will provide a great amount of traffic to your site.

Create An Awesome Experience For Your Readers, And Take One Step At A Time

Getting ranked quickly and having success with your website doesn't happen overnight.

It takes a lot of work to create better content than the content that already exists, and even when you're targeting a keyword that has virtually no competition at all, you still need to build authority.

Create how-to posts for inbound links for your buyer's guides, create product reviews, create informational posts that don't even have the goal of getting ranked but instead create more value for your readers that can be used as inbound links...

All of the information is provided here at WA for creating a very helpful website for others within your niche, which will inevitably lead to success.

Google NEEDS content from websites that is helpful to the people that are using their search engine.

Be the most helpful, have an awesome experience for your website, make sure it loads fast, looks great on mobile, and you'll be well on your way!

I hope some of these random tidbits help you out along the way!

I'm happy to reply to anyone with questions down below, hit me with em'!

Cheers WA, much love.


(P.S. - I've noticed with previous blogs I've written here in WA... The heading tags haven't worked for me. So if this is published where each heading isn't in an actual heading tag, then I think it probably comes down to the browser I am using lol)

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Great info.

Excellent information here, Colton! Thanks for the very important share, my friend!


Great insight and helpful tips.
Thank you.

No problem! I'm glad that it's helpful for you. 🙂

Thanks for sharing more insight on creating content! Quality content is and always will be KING!

Exactly, Lisa. Content is king because it's what builds the foundation of a piece of digital real estate that helps folks with the problems that they have.

Imagine our sites as something that folks are walking down a street and noticing. Whatever place (website) is going to help the most, that's where they'll walk in and have their experience. 👍


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