Its just another day in paradise.

Last Update: September 24, 2016

I am not one to share personal tribulations, but I feel the need to let this one out.


Because I spend so much time on this computer that WA has become my other home. I even find myself in the middle of the night dreaming about websites!!

Yeah I know. It’s weird!

When I am here I feel like I am among my brothers and sisters so I guess it’s okay to share personal stuff with family.

2 months ago I got involved in a workplace accident. I smashed my right foot leaving me with a few broken bones. I went in for surgery 2 weeks after the incident, then went into a haze of painkillers for a couple weeks. It’s been a tough 2 months, but I thank God the recovery is going well.

I still have a couple of months before I can get to walking properly again. Yes, I will be back

So, i have been reflecting..

1. Anything that can go wrong... Prepare for that rainy day because you just never know what lies ahead. We should be proud as WA members because we are investing in our future.

2. Make the best out of a bad situation. I refuse to let this time go to waste. I will keep going no matter what.

3. It’s just another day in paradise. Life is still beautiful

Au revoir family and have a great weekend!

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MPollock Premium
Stay motivated
JudeP Premium
I'm glad to hear your positivity. Hope you heal soon :)
Colorman Premium
Thanks, Jude.The worst is over and am recovering alright.
With-Kev Premium
Enjoyed your post. Hope you food mends quickly.
Cheers Kev
Colorman Premium
Thanks, Kev. I am glad you enjoyed it. Cheers.