Running Out Of Pace?

Last Update: April 23, 2020

Hello guys,

How's everyone?

I'll be very brief today.

It's been nine (9) days since my last blog post. Can't believe it's been that long...

The corona virus has certainly done it's fair share of completely altering our daily lifestyles...well, I don't know so much about yours, but mine's just...poof!

To further compound this, I woke up today with a blank mind on what to write. I'm getting ideas alright, but my mind just can't seem to fall back into that creative writing mood I'm usually in.

This is probably normal and is experienced by most people. I just want to know how to handle this moment. If anyone has experienced something like this, kindly share with me so I can learn how to get myself out of this.

Thanks guys,

Please stay safe out there.



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JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks, Codjoe!

IAnum1 Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing Codjoe. It happens to all, you rightly said. You can blogs on the various subjects of online marketing like traffic, seo, youtube, podcast, social media, ways of monetising a blog etc. Or just do something not business-related. And come back to your blog when you can
Codjoe Premium
Thank you for this. I've been working on my site for one month plus. I think a few days away will do me some good. My brain is literally refusing to think about anything site-related.

I'll definitely take your advice. I'm grateful
crytonewbies Premium
Hey, I encountered similar, my mind just gone blank completely...
Hope we can get over it quickly best is immediately...
My best wishes to your success.
Codjoe Premium
Hey Melanie,

How did you come out of this?

Or is this your current situation too?
crytonewbies Premium
Hey, is still my current situation. Hmm...i just got the mind blank yesterday however i got my-self back on track today and i will share it in my post today. Hope it helps... ;)
Stay tune...Lol ;)
Codjoe Premium
Just read your post. Great stuff.

I'm so glad you're out of it now. I'm also doing much better now. Finally started writing a few words again and shared another blog post.

I wish you the very best. Take care