Home Sweet Home

Last Update: April 24, 2020

Hello fam,

How's your day been?

Crazy times, yes, but I'm trusting you're in a good place right now. If it's kinda tough, I'm praying for strength for you.

This too shall pass.

That being said, I'd love to share something that I came to realize about my life this same week.

I signed up to WA the same week my country (Ghana) went into partial lockdown due to the corona virus. Back then, the next few weeks looked as uncertain as Trump's next move. I posted two (2) blogs about the impact of the virus during those early changes. I made no more posts after that.

This was because I was no longer going to work due to the lockdown so my encounter with what was happening outside my front door was very limited. I therefore started to pay more attention to my growth here on WA as I had just began. Within 3 weeks (the duration of the lockdown), I was able to cover so much here, in terms of my ranking on the WA platform and the growth of my website.

Just this past Sunday, our president lifted the ban on movement, which meant work resumed last Monday.

I was so NOT ready.

I had gotten so used to my new lifestyle that I was completely caught unawares when it dawned on me that I had a life before WA...and I had to get back to it again.

For the past five days all I've been looking forward to is when I can get back home so I can start working on my website again. That's when I realized what I want to share with you.


I realized that I WANT to be here all the time. I'm motivated here by so many people with whom I share so much in common with. People I haven't seen but are constantly motivating, encouraging and congratulating even the slightest achievements of someone who could be on the other extreme end of the world from where they are.

I'm happy to call this place home. I'm proud to call you family. I'm grateful for the self-love this platform has made me find in myself again. By leveraging on what I'm passionate and interested in, I'm beginning to discover so much about myself that I'm still in awe.

Thanks to everyone who's commented, liked, answered, followed and replied to me during my time here. I hope we can grow together. I hope we find success together, and I hope we pass it on just as it's being passed on to us and more.

Continue believing in yourself. Be your own motivation. Find strength in your weakness. If you can't, then find it somewhere else, but NEVER EVER give up on yourself.

Lots of love to you wherever you are in the world.

Stay protected and stay safe.



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JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true, Codjoe! NEVER give up!

megawinner Premium
Good for you, there. Hopefully, it's a good decision. Keep safe.
Codjoe Premium
Thank you. I trust that it is
megawinner Premium
It's more or less 💯% right move. You got it 🏅🥈🏆!
RuthlynB Premium
I am happy for you that the restriction in your country has lifted, we are still under restriction, and the feeling to be free once again is overpowering, I am glad you have settled down here at WA, and I wish you every success.
Codjoe Premium
Well, it's not been entirely good news that the ban's been lifted. The government's hand was "forced", due to extreme financial pressures from majority of the population.

We are definitely not out of the storm yet.

But I wanted to share this because of how WA has changed my perspective on life these past few weeks. It's truly remarkable for me.

Thank you so much for your wish as well. This is exactly what I meant about people wanting people to succeed on this platform.

I wish you same and more in your journey too.

Stay blessed.