Surving Covid

Last Update: April 29, 2021

My apologies for the long break from WA. Covid 19 is reaping havoc of biblical proportions all over the world. Until 2 weeks Anguilla had 2 positive cases both not of local origins.

We are now in total lockdown except for essential services-6 am to 4 pm.

Kudos to our healf authorities, Anguilla was No 1 in the world for Covid management. In less than 2 weeks we went from 0 cases to 62 due to a cluster supposedly originating from 1 visitor and 1 local. They are trying to bring the cluster under control, one can only hope residents follow the protocol.

Our economy is in shambles as we have Tourism is our only source of revenue; we have some fishing which also depends on Tourism and needs to be expanded, considering we have a 200 miles fishing zone.

Aloe vera is the easiest crop to grow in Anguilla, with little water needed, I am convinced we have not yet discovered all the health benefits of Aloe Vera,maybe there is a new source of revenue for the Island.The only draw back the plant can be grown almost anywhere;; I am positive there is Global secret waiting to be discovered.

Please Stay Safe.

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BrightSales Premium
This virus will continue to replicate until people learn to take precautions. Plain and simple science.
I've read many health benefits of Aloe Vera friend. I am using them at the moment. There are lots of benefits in the extracts. I'm enjoying the benefits so far. Take care. All the best!
codevonish Premium
Thank you, my father used aloe vera for years with skin like a 70 year old at age 96 when he died. I grow it, and use it myself.
Debbi26 Premium
Sorry to hear this, Courtney. Take care of yourself!!!!! Nice picture by the way.

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Take care. Thankfully we are almost out the other end in the UK. Hopefully it's for the last time.
JeannineC Premium
Wishing you all the best in coming back fast from all of this. You've taken a smart path by moving your job online, or at least heading that way. Unfortunately lock downs can be the worst way of actually transmitting the disease, according to studies in several US cities and states. I hope it works better for Anguilla.
codevonish Premium
Transmitting or controlling? providing protocols are followed.
JeannineC Premium

Sadly, you are about 30x more likely to catch Covid in your home than you are at a restaurant, at least in New York City, Minneapolis and California.
Only1Hugh Premium
My heart goes out to you Courtney. Covid has had a massive negative impact on tourism in the Caribbean. Hopefully, as things become safer the pent-up demand will lead to revenue streams coming in before years end.