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Last Update: November 05, 2019

Some of us for one reason or another are unable to watch Jays live broadcast; however there are times when watching the recorded broadcasts, we might want to ask a question.

Not wishing to over work Jay, it is possible for a limited number of viewers of the recorder broadcast be afforded the opportunity to ask a question, maybe the first 10 viewers or a set convenient number ?

Maybe it is just me, if not say something.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Courtney,

We can do this, by joining the comment thread under the training event.

Ask your question make sure to add a question mark.

There will be a pop up which asks if you need communuty help.

Just check yes, this will pop it into the community new question feed.

In the live events Jay suggests to ask questions and suggests those that know to help.
codevonish Premium
The reason I posted, I followed a few treads an thought there was a need for a follow up by Jay, if only to a limited number of questions from viewers of the recored broadcasts and not the live ones. Will check for the last line. Thank you
AlexEvans Premium
Good point, Courtney, I thought that may be your motivation.
codevonish Premium
Yes it was.
JMatonge1 Premium
Well spoken.