ABC Spell Check & Grammar

Last Update: October 24, 2019

Has anyone discovered the secret to ABC as yet?

This was mentioned previously, but no answer was forthcoming.

It must have something to do with the sequence; after a while the error will show up, but clicking on it would not work, as is normal; you have to type in the correct word and click -use this.

There has to be a secret in the sequence, maybe the way you handle a particular correction.

What is your experience, have you found a correct sequence, or what not to do?

Please share.

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Joes946 Premium
Haven’t had a problem. I use it every day.
YumaBloggers Premium
I use Grammarly on my PC and Firefox and it works amazing for this. I haven't used the ABC product but Grammarly is free.
codevonish Premium
Thanks, I like ABC as it is convenient, will find the sequence one day, i wonder if it has to do with the number of times you click close; I won't give up so easily.