Find your niche within half an hour

Last Update: March 26, 2017

Every blogger that owns a successful and converting website, started from ground zero.
There is no other place to start.

Many of us who are starting out in Wealth Affiliate, feels a bit overwhelmed at first. We don’t really know where we are heading to in the training ...and then we are told to create a niche.
…how do you do that if you are not even familiar with the word Niche

Well, don’t be to be concerned.
Firstly, the training is simply excellent. I would say the best and most comprehensive available online that I know of.

Secondly, deciding on a niche is basically like casting the foundation for your website. Once you have succeeded in this, you’re not in ground zero anymore. You’re on your way to success. All you need to do further is to follow through with the training instructions and add content to your website.

Here are a few prompting ideas to ponder on about finding a niche:
- What are your hobbies? Photography, Scrapbooking, Interior decorating, Woodwork, Reading.
- What sports do you participate in or like? Cycling, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Golf.
- What outdoor activities interest you? Hiking, Camping, Mountaineering, Hunting, Overlanding.
- Health and Wellness. In which areas are you struggling, or do you want to improve?

All the above covers a rather wide spectrum of topics and you may think that most of these are already saturated and it won’t be easy to get high rankings form it. It does however offers a wide spectrum of ideas. Further thoughts on sub-niches may follow from this and it will enable you to build content out, similar like a cobweb in future on your website.

Ask our friend Google:
Make a list of your ideas about a niche. Do a Google search on each and see what comes up. Also pay attention to the Google suggestions that comes up on the search.

I promise you, you will find more than one niche that you want to explore within half an hour.


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VIOREL Premium
Grazie mille per suggerimento dato ,
CobusvdM Premium
Piacere mio
Lornabarker Premium
Hi there, I like your post. I'm quite new here and have only just thought of my niche. Now I'm following the training step by step and making slow but sure progress. I couldn't have achieved this without WA. Best wishes to you.
CobusvdM Premium
Hi Lorna, Thanks for reaching out. I'm glad you like my post.
I'm in WA for one month and one week now. The training is EXCELLENT!! I have my website up and running with some good content and nice interaction.Just follow the training to the T and you will see results.
Cheers :)
jewels44 Premium
Great info great blog keep shining you'll do great here at WA.
KayWinkler Premium
Good ideas, thanks for sharing Your thoughts. All the best to You!
easybiz Premium
Great little blog - for sure!
Just keep plugging away - it takes time!
If it was easy - we would have NO such thing as ...... employees!
Wish you well.
FrugalTravel Premium
How would you work a niche for a guest house in a developing nation? I have 3 helpers and 3 niches to develop. The other two seem easier for me. Because the guest house is in a fairly remote village, as Westerners perceive it to be, this is the hardest one to write content for. What would you suggest for content? they say Google is penalizing sites that look too much like content to sell something. I'm lucky. Being in Nepal makes it easier for certain key words to come up faster.
KMeyer Premium
I use Flipboard. I've customized it to receive news feeds about my niche. Flipboard has a variety of categories that you might find helpful for content.
Mark108 Premium
I guess Nepal could attract a fairly young clientele of adventure seekers, so maybe local walking/mountaineering opportunities with guided leaders, or canoeing if there are rivers. Bird-watching, nature, flora and fauna, geology, spirituality, the list and niche opportunities go on. The best way would be to use the keyword tool to search out the best niches once you have some ideas.
Hope this helps.
Please let me know more details of your location and ideas for niches. I love the mountains and outdoors and might be able to help.
AnthonyMLM Premium
I believe in order to work toward your goal, you need to know niche. Many people join but don't really know their passion. Great post to help those who need to find their niche.
Marcel92 Premium
Thank you, Jacobus, for the great information on finding a niche.

EvieS Premium
thank you for your insight. Very helpful ideas. Before coming to WA, I thought that niche ideas were so hard to find.
PatLemy Premium
Thank you for sharing..

PMattson1 Premium
Thanks for your comments.....
I'm new and have some ideas ... so let's see where we all go. I'm sure higher up... thanks to WA.
A super nice company.... I feel very fortunate to be here.
Hope to see you around.
jewels44 Premium
Good info for the newbies they need it here , you did great and always follow up with what you write and place that on your site but as well the social panels because that's where you will have to promote you and get you site trusted by the people looking for a good business model. Keep it going, to your success.
lsmalone Premium
Very Good:)
salma33 Premium
very useful tips .. thanks for sharing

wish you success
rjclack Premium
Thanks for your piece.... Thought provoking.

Very thought of you to ask me to read it after your introduction. Wishing you all the best and somehow that is what is going to happen.

AlexEvans Premium
Some really helpful advice, thank you for sharing your insights.
Becka56 Premium
Well said. IF you look up the definition of niche, you get at least two that apply to what we do here. First one is "a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment." synonyms: ideal position, place, function, vocation, calling, métier, job. The second is "denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population". Hope that helps some of the newbies that might still be confused.
viyee Premium
Awesome post and great advice. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.
Win-strider Premium
Yes, you are right! This require a lot hard word and understanding of the internet. I am still learning. I have been with WA for the last 3 weeks and my website is up and still have a lot more to learn.
SMaposa Premium
Wow. This is great and simple enough to follow.It untangles and removes fear,uncertainity for new people on the WA platform.
mybiz4u Premium
Great post, J. And some very good suggestions. Good luck with your final decision.
iscool78 Premium
When I first got to WA and bumped into the "niche" idea, I didn't know it was as easy as just taking that thing you love to do and make a living out of it.

Thanks for the thoughts on that, Jacobus!

Keep up the good work!
GautamWorld Premium
Helpful tips - thank you. :)
4uburn4me Premium
Good post. Thank you.