A "Real New" Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 10, 2015

I have been a 'Wealthy Affiliate' for just a little less than a month. So far, my progress through the training has been slow (real slow) due to the obligations of a full-time position as a high school teacher and a sideline occupation as head men's basketball coach at a community college. I am trying to consistently set aside at least one hour each day to work on my new business.

I am excited about this opportunity and I believe that, in time, I will be able to achieve my goals as an affiliate marketer. I tripped over this thing called affiliate marketing one evening while searching online for information about another type of endeavor. One of many reasons that I signed up for this was to get a change of pace in my work life, experience something different, and help other people along the way. I, like many others in WA, really enjoy helping others. In addition, I feel pretty comfortable working in a position that involves computer use and business. I taught high school business and computer classes for ten years, mostly computer applications, MS Office, word processing, spreadsheet, etc. I also taught a one-semester class, intro to entrepreneurship, where I worked with the students on beginning market research, business models, writing business plans and the like. Hopefully, this background will help me in some way.

My experience so far at Wealthy Affiliate has been very positive, if not downright breath-taking. I like the organization that, in many ways, is like Facebook or other social media platforms. I am so impressed by the community and feel that many of the members are superstars of the business world. I just hope I can "hang." To all who have "hit me up" with a message, thank you! I truly appreciate all the well-wishes and other encouragement.

One of my biggest challenges as I see it so far will be constantly writing blog posts and other content for my website. I think I write well, but I am what I call an 'inspirational writer.' I can write when I'm inspired to do so, but I am not always inspired. Obviously, today I feel inspired, tomorrow maybe not so much.

I am currently learning about building a website and the role of a website in the affiliate marketing business model. I have experience in building a website, having done it to promote a summer sports camp some years ago. The software used now to create a site is very different, but the ideas on pages, content, and other things are very similar to that time. For this reason, I feel that this will go well even though I know very little about SEO, pay-per-click, or traffic.

In a word, I am happy and excited to be a part of this new experience.

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TerrBarr Premium
Congratulations and welcome aboard Coach John
All the best for your ventures
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Thanks, Terry!
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We are glad to have you with us!
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Thanks, Dan