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May 19, 2015
Hello Fellow WA'ers!I just wanted to drop a note to update everyone on my progress toward the goals that I set.I term my work on the project that is my online business as 'a labor of love' which means that it has been a slow and sometimes steady process. You do, however, have to love it, and I do. I have my website up and running with some limited written content and pictures. I am also close to being done with the level #2 training. Still excited, and still very, very confident!
I have been a 'Wealthy Affiliate' for just a little less than a month. So far, my progress through the training has been slow (real slow) due to the obligations of a full-time position as a high school teacher and a sideline occupation as head men's basketball coach at a community college. I am trying to consistently set aside at least one hour each day to work on my new business. I am excited about this opportunity and I believe that, in time, I will be able to achieve my goals as an affili