Join in on the fun- Help name my Sugar babies

Last Update: September 14, 2018

I am an animal lover, this is very clear if you had to check out my website

I just thought that I would pop in after some time of being quiet on WA, life has been so hectic as well as I have started studying web development and coding…..

Anyways I wanted to show off my two little sugar babies, they are Sugar Gliders or in some cases they are referred to as sugar bear’s. Did you know they even bark….yes, you read correctly. They have this really cute bark that sounds like a small dog like a Chihuahua. (This isn’t so cute after say 3 am in the morning and they don’t stop till they feel safe or get what they want, much like a baby I guess)

These little babies are new to my family and are still in the bonding process. I must say I am loving them to bits, even though the female glider is a bit crabby at times(and a little shy as you can see in the pictures), but she is getting there slowly.

I am however still looking for names for them; they are a breeding pair (so male & female). I was thinking of something cute but unique. My boyfriend has suggested “Tities” & “Beer”. Imagine the look on my daughters teachers face as show and tell…. So I am opening this up to discussion with all my WA family/friends. What names do you think would best suit my two Sugar Gliders?

P.S. This could be a fun exercise, so be creative and have fun and who knows, I might end up choosing your suggestion.

Ready……. Set…… GO!

Looking forward to the name suggestions.

All the best,


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ShaunnaLynne Premium
Bianca & Bono
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Cathryn,
What about Minxy and Angel

Tried and True

kpercival55 Premium
Hi Cathryn!
I love sugar gliders! Had friends in Houston who kept them, they were very social and loved to be held and would ride on people’s shoulders.
How about “Mork & Mindy” or “Bam Bam & Pebbles”.
Keep us posted!
CNGoodwin Premium
Mine love to climb all over me.... I'm liking the pebbles and bam bam.... Those are going on my list lol.... Thank you for suggestions and comment :)
CandP Premium
Sugar gliders are really cute, though they are nocturnal and can be very vocal. You must be so excited to have them. Great for your daughter to understand these little critters.
'Meeky and Moe' is our suggestion.
Have fun!
Colette and Philip
CNGoodwin Premium
My children are still scared to touch them as the female makes a noise because they are still getting use to them. They keep nagging to touch them but only if they are in a bonding pouch. They are learning so much about them.

Thanks for the nice name suggestions.
MKearns Premium
What exactly are they? They're cute
CNGoodwin Premium
They are part of the marsupial family, they carry their young like kangaroo's...It has a gliding membrane called the patagium which it has on either side of its body, helping them to glide through the air.

So kind of like a miniature version of a flying squirrel, just that they glide not fly.
MKearns Premium
How endearing!