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With the upcoming changes in Wealthy Affiliate it is apparent that this is going to be my last blog. Being a stay at home mother of three small children and my husband working in construction an extra $47 per month is not easy, if not impossible to come by. We don't go out to dinner, ever, I don't stop at Starbucks, ever, I don't go shopping, in fact I rarely drive so as not to waste gas. I do sell my kids clothing on eBay which makes me money to buy them new clothes. I am not trying
April 03, 2013
It is true that when you are picking out your niche you need to go for a passion or something that interests you. It makes writing about it that much more natural and enjoyable. I started Bootcamp and started on my WA website. Although I learned a lot and got the website started I just can't seem to drag myself back to it. Unfortunately for me, I can't come up with ideas of what I would write about to promote WA, other than it is a wonderful community and that there is nothing out there
March 14, 2013
After being stuck there for a while I finally feel like I am making progress. I started to get those negative feelings/thoughts that I can't think of what to write about, this is complicated/I don't know if I can do this. Well today I got my first Street Article accepted and published! You can view it here: website is looking like, well, a website! I still have more content to add but it doesn't
March 08, 2013
After two weeks of snow and freezing temperatures it is a sunny and balmy 50 degrees here in Summit County. I decided to open up windows, put on my shorts and tank top and dig into Wealthy Affiliate with a positive outlook. I'm trying to do a little bit each day while my 2 year old naps, needless to say it is a slow go! I feel like I am spending so much time researching and when I am finally ready to start writing something he wakes up and there goes that! I would love to hear from other me
February 09, 2013
When I woke up this morning to check my e-mail I had tons of e-mails from Wealthy Affiliate. They were all about people following me. I want to thank everyone for all the encouraging messages.Being new, I am not sure what the proper "etiquette" is when other members follow you. I see all the "thank you for following me" posts and unfortunately, I usually don't have the time to get on everyone's profile to thank them back. So I want to say to everyone that has followed me "THANK YOU FOR
January 26, 2013
This is my first blog. I never really knew what to write about, but since this is my one month anniversary I thought it would be a good topic to start with. So in my first month I have finished my "getting started" training and have my website started. It still has a long way to go, I have started my home page and about me page. I still have a lot to add to both, but it is a start. I have been going really slow...with three little kids it is impossible to sit down for more than 15 minutes at a