What kind of a ripple have you made?

Last Update: January 31, 2021

You really never know

All you can do is your best.

You start out with a dream. You create some goals. You give it your best shot. You might not get all that you started out to achieve. Who knows? It might be better than you dreamed! But you'll never know if you don't give it your absolute best every day. Get up and show up!

All you can be is you.

In the history of the entire universe, you are the one and only you there ever is or will be.

Even if you have an identical twin, each is quite unique.

That makes you special, rare, and priceless. Don't for a second let anybody ever tell you otherwise!!!!

Follow your path

It is yours alone. While you might share your path with others - as we do here in the Wonderful World of WA - but at the end of the day, it is your path to create.

But what if...

What if... what? It works? It doesn't work? I screw it up? I end up doing well?

You're gonna - all of it.

You're going to make mistakes.

You're going to do well.

Your rank will go up. It will also go down - and then up again. It's kind of a yo yo thing. Don't worry about it. It's fun but it doesn't pay the bills.

What if people start paying attention and reading what I write..

Ah, and here's where I got kind of freaked out!

I started out writing daily. Every day. Writing. Writing and having posts waiting in the wings as you could only post once a day at the start. And then I wrote some more. I could only write about what I knew as the world of affiliate marketing was new. Didn't have the first clue about what I was doing. But I'm an expert at getting knocked down and getting up again. I'm an expert at fighting through the fear - feeling and doing it anyway. I've learned a whole lot about finding the prizes along the way as a means to identifiy the little rewards along the time-consuming and painful path of learning towards success.

And people actually started reading what I wrote. Guess I didn't think that through. If you write, they will read - kind of a 'Field of Dreams' kind of thing. And then (one of my favorite phrases), they may leave a note or a comment.

And that's when you realize you've made a ripple in the Wonderful World of WA.

Somewhere in the world, somebody has noticed something you've said. How cool is that? And you begin to build relationships with people. The ripple grows. Their comments and thoughts impact you. What you write has an impact on others. The ripples continue to grow.

And sometimes...

you write something that's been on your heart or your mind or you share that AHA moment or trick that you've learned that something. And then....you get this note, either on the post or in your private message that something you've written has made a difference for one of our WA family members. It wasn't what you set out to do, but wow. When that happens.... well let me just say, that I've been moved to tears more than once by the kind words and responses shared with me from something that I've written that impacted one of our WAmily (borrowing from Heidi Anderson). And I've shed a tear or two by a troll who didn't value what I had written and let me know just how worthless I was to them. That was a ripple to - one that took weeks to get past.

You never know

what kind of a ripple effect you will have for others. There are people in this amazing group who are truly family to me. And they literally all over the world - beyond cool. I would do anything for them. My world is INFINITELY better because they have become a part of my life. They make my world richer and it is truly an honor to know them. We talk outside of WA. I cheer on their successes. They cheer on mine. I love hearing about their family and adventures outside of WA . They haven't made a ripple on my life, they've made waves on the beach of my life!

So if you have feedback for somebody, be kind. And if you can't be kind, at least be helpful and constructive - privately. We are all people who are doing the best they know how to do in an arena that the vast majority of is start out completely clueless. Many are people who have been struggling to find a way - out - up, to find a better life - to become or achieve something that they have only dreamed of. Don't you DARE take those dreams away from them by being a troll!!! Not everybody has the strength to get past the weight of that ugliness.

So go be you. Go be amazing.


Make a difference

Make a ripple in the world of WA and beyond.

Cheers from San Antonio!


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JeannineC Premium
This was a fun post to read!

It can be hard to realize that for your to succeed as a content affiliate, people actually need to read your articles. But if you write your post as if you're writing an article to a friend to help them answer a question, it flows, it's fun to read, and it converts.
Only1Hugh Premium
Thank you Christine for a super post that will fuel the start of my Monday and my week. It is indeed amazing that we can write and that we impact, inspire, empathize, share, celebrate and so much more with so many from about the world. What a wonderful community we have here with WA.
Janine41 Premium
Hey Christine
Thank you for this post , so inspirational!

We all have purpose and while we on the road to discovery we touch people's lives and in doing so we may have fullfilled our purpose without our knowledge, so yes every day is an opportunity to be amazing :-)
Dadaz123 Premium
Excellent piece of writing, Christine- at once motivating members and chastising trolls who take delight in making fellow members unhappy through mindless comments.
You have been away for so long but you showed up with a Bang! This piece of writing has made waves in my life!
Newme202 Premium
Thank you for your awesome, motivational, inspiring post
A wonderful way for me to start my day