My Progress with WA

Last Update: May 4, 2018


Hi There WA Community:

I have been with WA for around 3 months.

One of my current tasks is to document my progress. So here it is:

I am about half way through Phase 3 in Affiliate Bootcamp and about half way through the certification. I think as far is training is going, I am moving relatively slow. However, as far as conent is concerned, I am probably moving relatively fast.

I have two websites going - and Thus far, I have written in the 25,000 word range and am trying to put up at least one post per week. Writing is the easiest part of this. Navigation and trying to figure out how to make sure my links are working with Amazon is the hardest.

My ranking within the community isn't moving much and I think that is because I haven't been much of a helper. So, my plan is to participate more in chats and discussions and lend a hand when I believe I can honestly be helpful.

I fully expect to be working very diligently at this for quite a while before I see a monetary payoff. That's OK because I know good things take time.

Thus, my goal is to keep posting quality content and become a more vital part of the WA community.

Thank you!

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Nice work!


Enjoy your progress

Love the sites! I love Dogs

Thank you!

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