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Last Update: January 09, 2019

Included in the lesson/video, "Post your Website for Feedback", is a requirement to write a feedback for, at the least, a credit. This did not go down well with me. Why is that necessary at this time?

I thought I was not qualified or had not learned enough from WA to be able to accomplish task. After all, I was barely two months old here. And I assumed my website had not been built out to the level that will warrant a feedback. Then I read comments from some members of our WA Community (Am I allowed to mention names?). And discovered I was not alone in my thinking.

But in my guts, I felt we were missing something. So, I decided to watch the video again and reread the notes that went with the video. Lo and behold, the reason for that requirement was clear. Why did I not see that initially?

Firstly, it is the critiquing from members that enhances the quality of the website. Besides, Google and Bing will take note. Ranking will follow and so also traffic and revenue.

Also, for me or any of us to critique a site does not require a website expert portfolio. No! What is required is the opinion of or the feeling of a visitor, any visitor, to the site. That says it all.

Finally, we are asked to give a minimum of 250 characters in the review for one credit. I thought that was a good bargain, unless one has a better way to get the credits to receive own feedback.

Writing feedback is good and necessary.

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merlynmac Premium
There may be times when you think the training is a bit ahead of where you're actually at. The premise is really to introduce you to the tools that are available and get you comfortable with them.

When I first started here, I remember thinking "Why would I submit my site for feedback now, I don't even have any images on it yet?". Just trust the training and follow it as best you can. It does work.
Cmbano19 Premium
Hi, merlynmac
Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I agree with you and
I take it that the requirement of of the lesson has pros and cons. My comment was on the pro side.

For the cons' side I would ask, " What is the hurry about"? On the other hand if we don't offer feedback or put off giving feedback to a later date, how will we receive credits to get feedback for our own sites? Or are there other avenues to acquire credits?

I still believe it is unwise to give feedback when all the ropes are not yet learned or receive feedback for a site not fully developed. It simply does not make sense to me. I will use my website to illustrate my stand.

Please find time to take a look at my website: thebabyboomerhub.com. It is totally bare, it needs a lot of work. But it is indexed by Google and I hope Bing will come in next. The indexing will make sense to me if the uniqueness of niche was considered. Otherwise, how can such a site with virtually no info rank #1.

Traffic may likely begin soon. What type of impression will my undeveloped site create in a visitor to the site? I fear a visitor may be so disappointed as to cut off future visits to the site.

This potential disaster would be avoided if I took my time to go through the lessons and build out the site.

You have been in this business much longer than I am. What is your suggestion?
merlynmac Premium
Hey there,
I just took a look at the site. I agree that it needs some sprucing up but it’s easy to do with a few images. Don’t worry about rank this early in the game. Concentrate on content. You should be getting to images soon in your training. When you do, revisit your posts and add images to them. Don’t forget to set a featured image too as that will add the thumbnail image on your main page next to each post listed.
Cmbano19 Premium
Thanks for taking the time to view my site and your advice. Ok, I will concentrate on the lessons.
Vickic3 Premium
the training works 100%