It's Sunday. Plan - Act - Response

Last Update: January 31, 2016

Hello again my fellow WA members!

Sunday, a day to relax, to spend valuable time with the family, a day to do some assessment on how the past week went, to monitor progress and re-evaluate. Still, this Sunday has an extra highlight. It's the last Sunday of January so we need to assess our progress for January.

Furthermore, we have to set our goals for next week and next month!

I'll say it once again, don't get frustrated if some things didn't go well enough and according to the original plan. Some things are beyond our capacities or don't match with our habits, that's why we have to evaluate our progress. We need to focus on things we are doing wrong and adjust our strategies. We need to expand our knowledge and improve ourselves. No matter how frustrated we are we have to keep going. Only through struggle we build muscle and no matter what you are going through, you need to keep focus, use all the practice you get (positive and negative) as fuel for your next adventure.

Remember... Plan... Act... Response!

  • Make a plan and set your goals
  • Don't let your plans sitting there. Transform them into actions
  • Get feedback, see reactions, evaluate, correct your mistakes or adjust your strategy accordingly and start over this small checklist.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and a stress-free progress. You need to be determined to meet your short and long term goals and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!

Because every time you give up on something, you give up on yourself, your dreams, your family. 80% of people give up. Don't among them. You need to stay focus so you won't lose your concentration!

Entrepreneurship is like a race. You need a strategy, you need to be focused, you have to adjust your strategy according to your opponents and don't get distracted by their attempts to make you lose control.

We need to study. We are part of the best internet community where millions of video courses and training are available and created every day. Everyone shares knowledge and experiences facing on his way to success and since we are all on the same path, heading in the same direction, to the same destination (success), the ones ahead inform the ones following of what is in front in order to be prepared and avoid if possible.

As Internet Marketers, we have to See What Other People Don't See and take actions. That's why we need training, knowledge, and experience to get to that point and be able to do so. So take your time, make small and stable steps and move forwards, don't run! You are going to fall, the surface is slippery!

  • Do What Others Don't Do in Order To Have What Others Don't Have!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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SamiWilliams Premium

Thanks for the share! We all benefit from a pep talk!

Planning, and following through is the path to sanity in this business.

cm2108 Premium
Hi Sami,

I thank you for visiting and for leaving your comment.

Take care

~ Gus
AlexEvans Premium
Great post Gus, thank you for the reminder. Have an exceptional Sunday.
cm2108 Premium
Thank you very much! Take care and wish you a great and productive week! ~ Gus
MMwenda Premium
Thanks Cm for this encouraging note.
cm2108 Premium
You are welcome! Thanks for dropping by! ~ Gus