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My Warmest Wishes to the WA family for a Wealthy and Prosperous 2018!
November 14, 2017
Dear fellow members,Just received the 3 Years Badge!Thank you WA for the great opportunity and the great support!Wish everyone all the best and great success
December 02, 2016
Dear friends,Finally, a few minutes ago, my payment was, successfully, completed and I am a Proud Premium WA member, for once again! The terrifying and irritating red ribbon on top of my account was gracefully removed!Capital Controls were not strong enough to take me away from my WA family!The wall standing between me and my success is being, gradually but constantly, demolished, day by day, brick by brick.Thank you, WA, thank you, Kyle, for your patience, and for your great support!Let's go m
December 01, 2016
Dear fellow members,Google announced the launch of a low code App Maker and thought that it might be useful. For more info check the following link (no affiliate link)
Hello again my fellow WA members!Sunday, a day to relax, to spend valuable time with the family, a day to do some assessment on how the past week went, to monitor progress and re-evaluate. Still, this Sunday has an extra highlight. It's the last Sunday of January so we need to assess our progress for January.Furthermore, we have to set our goals for next week and next month!I'll say it once again, don't get frustrated if some things didn't go well enough and according to the original plan. Some
January 14, 2016
The 140 character restriction is going to change. Soon we will be able to create posts without having to "shrink" our thoughts into 140 characters!See what Jack Dorsey post on his Twitter a few days agoWhat do you think about it?Enjoy the rest of the day
Dear fellow members,Today I want to share my happiness and excitement with you and give you some good vibes to work harder today although you might not feel like or you are disappointed since your website is new and you don't see it in the Google's first page results YET.Before starting working on my niches / websites today, I thought to spend a few minutes to visit Google and crawl for a keyword combination which "covers" one of my websites. Although I never focus on that keyword, since it has
December 31, 2015
My Best Wishes for 2016!
Dear fellow members,I have seen many of you having problems with the WordPress Admin Login page of your websites. Since I had to deal with that some time ago, I found my way through it. It's an easy process so I'll post it here for everyone.First of all you have to go to the SiteRubix Site Manager Page Then click on "Details"You will see your Administration Page. Click on that link and you will be redirected to the login page of your website Insert Username and Password (if not already there)
Dear fellow members,I just took advantage of the great proposal WA is offering! I was waiting for it like crazy!I 'd like to invite you to take advantage of this great offer and change your paying status from "monthly" to annual!There isn't much to think about, just keep in mind that instead of paying $47 per month, meaning $564 per year, you will now pay ONLY $299 which now means ... $24.91 per month!Don't do the mistake I did last year ... although it wasn't my fault ...You will now feel more