Black Friday is Here! Are You Still Thinking About It?

Last Update: November 27, 2015

Dear fellow members,

I just took advantage of the great proposal WA is offering! I was waiting for it like crazy!

I 'd like to invite you to take advantage of this great offer and change your paying status from "monthly" to annual!

There isn't much to think about, just keep in mind that instead of paying $47 per month, meaning $564 per year, you will now pay ONLY $299 which now means ... $24.91 per month!

Don't do the mistake I did last year ... although it wasn't my fault ...

You will now feel more relaxed and won't have to worry about the monthly payments anymore. Your profit margin will be improved and you will be able to cover your annual fee much easier with just a few leads from your WA affiliate link!

Go for it and you won't regret it!

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oldokie Premium
In fairness to yourself if it wasn't your fault, it's not really a mistake. I am in the position now that you were in last year. I agree that its a darn good deal. We are just surviving right now off of the wife's very modest SSI check so I'll have to go month to month for now. But I'm ok with that, what We are able to learn here is worth the $564 a year as well. Have a wonderful and productive day.
cm2108 Premium
Hi and thanks for dropping me a message!

I agree with you, I had to go month by month too and when the capital controls started in my country things got difficult and I couldn't pay, that's why I stayed under the ... radar for a few months and I couldn't work on my websites ... Resources are very limited for me too and I hope that we will both get out of this soon!

Wish you all the best for you and for your wife and great success!

and ... Keep walking!