Are You Feeling Down Today? Do you Need Some Motivation?

Last Update: January 13, 2016

Dear fellow members,

Today I want to share my happiness and excitement with you and give you some good vibes to work harder today although you might not feel like or you are disappointed since your website is new and you don't see it in the Google's first page results YET.

Before starting working on my niches / websites today, I thought to spend a few minutes to visit Google and crawl for a keyword combination which "covers" one of my websites. Although I never focus on that keyword, since it has 187380 searches, 1855 traffic and about 538,000,000 results in Google, I thought to give it a try and see what results I will get.

Guess what... I had TWO results on the first page directing visitors to my Google + posts which of course are posts coming from my website! One of the posts was one-year-old for your information.

As you can imagine I couldn't believe that since it is a keyword combination you won't "dare" to use, especially when you know that it won't lead you anywhere and the competition is extremely high.

So, please

  • Keep posting,
  • Keep creating high-quality content for your websites
  • Keep chasing your dreams
  • NEVER give up

and you will see it coming!

Have a Great and Productive Day!

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SamiWilliams Premium
This fits with the education we receive here! A strong building block is important!
cm2108 Premium
Hi Sami and thanks for leaving a message. Yes, we need to follow the courses, post, post and be patient. I've seen posts in the first page many times, even from a niche I am not working anymore, but this one exceeded my expectations!

Thanks again Sami and wish you all the best

Maxiam59 Premium
that is great news and all the best Max
cm2108 Premium
Thanks a lot Max! Take care my friend
Larry MaC Premium
Thanks Gus. We all need to be re booted from time to time.
cm2108 Premium
Hi Larry, I thought so, that's why I made this post.

Thanks for dropping by.