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Last Update: December 19, 2018

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Ok, its time for me to share my thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate and how this site has affected me so far.

My name is Clint, and a little about my background on working on websites. Years ago I decided to do something to try to help others and not just keep what I felt that God has blessed me with to my self.

I am a retired firefighter from New York, and I started bowling on the firefighter bowling team in New York, but I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing until I retired and moved to Florida, where I had a friend help me to become very good in the sport of bowling. I became a bowling coach helping children from the age of 5 to adults over 80, and I notice that many of the bowlers were not receiving many awards or accommodations for their hard work that they accomplish, and that’s when my thoughts went to, what can I do to help bowlers?

So I came up with a niche of creating and selling customizes one of a kind bowling awards and gifts. Also because I was a bowling coach I understand how most people are very visual, so I design a teaching tool called The Lane Master Pro. But now that I had all these Ideas, I had no knowledge how to start a website site and let others see and buy what I had to offer, and because of that lack of knowledge. I spent thousands of dollars with a company that was supposed to help build a website for me. This company did so little and I ended up just walking away from them and losing the money that I invested.

But then a very good friend took over and re-did what the company didn’t do, and she has help in every day possible to build that website and a few others for me, but once s again, I did not understand had to add to the website, or move things around within the backend. I always had to ask her for help. And it got to the point that I felt I was taking her away from her work of running her on successful website, and she would never complain or say no to me.

I have only sold just a few products from any of my websites, most were sold on eBay. Easy and a couple on Amazon. One of the biggest blessings that my friend did for me was to tell me about Wealthy Affiliate, and she said that she wants me to take the time and go step by step though the training and learn how to start a website and learn all that it takes to be recognize and get a high ranking with Google, Bing etc. As much as she knows about how to set up websites and be successful, even she is going through the training to see if there more things that she can learn.

I have only been in the training at Wealthy Affiliate for about a month so far, and I did become a premium member after I so the great program that they offer, and the amazing members that are in the program that are willing and able to help what ever problems that someone might be having.

I am only in Level 2 so far, but I have been learning so much and I feel blessed to be in Wealthy Affiliate. I have learn so much in the short time that I have started, and I am taking my time, again step by step, and I am not trying to sell anything right now, I am building up my foundation first the way that they tell me to do’

This is a wonderful program at Wealthy Affiliate and I wish that I had discovered it years ago instead of losing so much money and time. I think about that old say, YOU CAN OFFER SOMEONE A FISH, OR TEACH THEM HOW TO FISH; my friend has showed me how to catch my own fish now and in the future through Wealthy Affiliate.

With in 3 months my plans are to have a steady weekly and monthly income, and by 6 months my plans are to be able to take my family on vacations and not worry about having any left over bills to pay. I am on my way to success.

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Maggie9 Premium
This is awesome Clint. Congratulations! I am happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story
Eaka1 Premium
Best wishes!
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Clint and congrats on your learning how to fish for yourself here at WA. Isn't it a great feeling not to have to rely on others to give us anything? I used to bowl a lot many years ago and like you I became very good carrying between a 180 and 190 average but then I started having back problems and had to quit. I still wish I could bowl again. Thanks for the memories,
Live Long and Prosper
ShermanR Premium
Awesome story, Sir! What I love is the ability to become independent in the online world by following the training. There are no limits to what you can do and earn.
ClintBullock Premium
Please let me know what you think about my Blog about Wealthy Affilliate