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November 05, 2018
A few years back, we adopted two boys from Ukraine, giving our son David brothers. Since then, our house has been in total chaos. Yesterday, we had abit of a crisis that I wanted to share with you. Below is a timeline of events: 7:08 PM: Dmitri (13 yrs) is sweeping the kitchen floor. Alex and David (both 7 yrs) are upstairs playing video games. 7:10 PM: Dmitri notices that the fish known as Scooter is floating upside down in his bowl. Dmitri screams loudly and alerts the entire county. 7:11 PM
October 29, 2018
I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now, and I thought I was doing well since it was so easy to write the articles. Everything seemed to come naturally for me. Then I asked Carson to look at my website and see what he thought. After a day or so, Carson sent me a nice long review, and basically told me that I missed the mark, and what I had would never draw the traffic I wanted. I must admit, I was angry and just put my computer down for a few days to sulk.Once I got through m
October 15, 2018
Hello WA.. I hope everyone is having a great morning. I would like to ask for some help from someone who has a successful, paying website. Whenever I use the feedback forum, I get feedback from people who know less about this that I do. I am grateful for the feedback, but I really can't grow much from it.I started WA in Jan 2018, and ran hard for three months, then was discouraged and quit for the summer so I could spend time with my boys. Now that I am back, I need a mentor, or just someon
October 07, 2018
Good morning again from Atlanta! I just want to take a minute and say thank you to all of the people behind the sceans who keep our world running smoothely. You guys are Awesome! I know we can sometimes be a bit grouchy when we have tech problems, but you guys are always so polite and quickly fix the things we don't always understand.Thank you, Tech people. We may not say it often, but we love you! Have an wonderful WA day!Clay
Hello out there in WA world. I was just trading some comments with other WA websites, and I saw something that I think is a big problem here with some of our newer members. I read over excellent content from what sounds like really smart people, then I come across many simple spelling and grammar errors.A word of advice to some of your starting out... after working on a website for hours, and sometimes days on end, its easy to read over mistakes and not see them. Do yourself a favor... get s
This moring I looked at my anylitics and I saw that my traffic doubled overnight. It's still just a handfull of people, but they are showing up from several countries. I have yet to make a sale, but I did make $16 with adsence. Yes, I know this might seem like nothing to most of you, but this confirms that fact that it is working. I started WA on January 2nd 2018, and I hit the ground with everything I had. I wrote content like it was going out of style. My websites (one for writing one f
September 29, 2018
Yesterday was a pretty cool day. I learned how to make a high quality video and post it to YouTube, or where ever else I want to. It was pretty funny... my boys like to watch those video game clips like Fortnight or mine craft on YouTube. When they came home from school, I turned on the TV and showed them my video, and they loved it! They were so impressed that I knew how to make video's like their favorite guy, DanTDM. Now Dan makes millions each year, and I haven't had my first sale yet,
September 27, 2018
This morning I woke up to a mess that my boys left last night. I was kind of mad, because I told them to clean it up before they went to bed. Then this morning when they woke up, they started fighting as they sometimes do (both are twelve, one adopted). Then, at the breakfast table, my wife acidentally knocks over a pitcher of milk while rushing out the door. As I am making lunch for the boys, our cat decided to bring his nightly kill (a mole) into the house and proudly leaves it on the li
September 21, 2018
Hello Wealthy Affiliate family. It's been about two weeks since my return to WA, and my website is really coming along. I have lots of content, and writing more each day. Now I am going to have to work on traffic. I know I have so much still to learn, but the thing that keeps me going is all of the excellent progress reports I read from the community. Once I finish the training and have a better understanding of what I am doing, I may ask for someone who has the time and experience to take
September 19, 2018
This week has been crazy. We have a two special boys that we adopted from Ukraine a few years back, and they have brought a lot of challenges to our home. The first one (19) turn his back on everything we every taught him and is cooling his heals in jail right now. The other one (13) stepped on my computer by mistake Sunday night and shattered the screen. I am typing on that computer right now, dodging shards of glass and awaiting its replacement today. Then, as if this wasn't enough, the