Stealing Time

Last Update: August 07, 2017

With all that goes on, 70 hrs a week at my regular job, about 6 hrs a night for sleep, keeping up with all my grand kids, my wife, my kids, my house, the yard, I have become a thief.

I consider myself a time thief, and their's not much time left to steal after all the other things I have to do.

Knowing that stealing every minute I can now will lead to a lot of time later. The bad part about the time I steal seems to move faster than the other time.

I have been at WA. a little over six months and counting and met hundreds of helpful people and have learned a whole lot of new things. Does anybody have any time I can steal.(LOL).

I have built two websites, one is a boot camp site, and the other my dad and I sell our own products on. Both need a lot of work, but time has a lot to do with that. Anybody have any time I can steal.

Six months seems like six years and very little progress, but one of my sites made a sale right after it got indexed so that's all the motivation I needed. Wealthy Affiliate works, just follow the courses and don't jump around, it will all come together in time. Got any time I can steal.

If I can give anybody one piece of advice, steal some time, it only gets better.

The Time Thief.


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MKearns Premium
Stealing time is an indirect way of "stealing" money Clay!
ClayDean Premium
You are so right Mike, and I had to steal a lot of it lately.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Time is our most valuable commodity. Great advice!