Small hunting season

Last Update: November 27, 2019

In Argentina the hunting season begins on May 1 of each year. The hunting of partridges, ducks, hares, pigeons is enabled in most provinces.

I accompanied my father many times along with 2 more friends on these unforgettable adventures.

In the beginning they were a group of three, every first day of May, it was a tradition to go hunting. They had everything well organized, food, drinks, cartridges and permits from the owners of the fields to visit.

Each hunter carried his own dog. The best breed of dogs for this type of hunting is the so-called English Pointer. Like the one in the picture.

It is an animal of very affectionate, kind, friendly, loyal, active temperament.

Mario had a really real-world champion, his name "Cheko". It was a sight to see him "work" in the field. From early morning we were walking, and the dogs were trembling with emotion.

The pointer is an animal that smells like the partridge and stops, does not move forward, immobile.

Wait for its owner coming from behind. He touches it with his legs and advances little by little. And so until suddenly, making a characteristic noise the partridge takes flight. The hunter makes the shot dropping the partridge to the ground.

The Cheko goes in search of the partridge, he takes it with his mouth very gently and gives it to Mario. Happy they both continue working like this for the rest of the day.

At noon he stops for a couple of hours to have lunch and rest especially for dogs. In many opportunities participate in these hunting trips. When we got together at noon and night, it was all joy and celebration. We did not stop laughing.

The group had then formed many years of adventures a real friendship, which I will never forget.

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KentO13 Premium
I've never been hunting. I have always wanted to though.
Claudiojuan Premium
Hello Kento, Thank you very much for participating. The most beautiful thing is to spend unforgettable moments with a good group of friends.
CMKetay Premium
A good hunting dog is an incredible asset. We've had labs. The pointer is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this story. It brought back many memories!!
Claudiojuan Premium
Thanks to you Christine for commenting.
You are always welcome!
timstime20 Premium
Pointers are fun to watch as they work a field ... always amazed as they wait so still.. your stories are fun read ... always with a purpose and tutorial at the end
Thank you for both
Claudiojuan Premium
I always wait for your comments Thank you very much!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Beautiful story and beautiful dog, Claudio!

Claudiojuan Premium
Many thanks Jeff you are welcome!