I was about to drown

Last Update: November 29, 2019

Average 1.30 meters tall was very small

I don't know why, but I wanted to learn to swim.

There was a traditional neighborhood club very close to my house, today it continues to exist.

You could practice various types of sports, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and swimming. It had a heated first level indoor pool, very nice.

I looked and saw people swimming I imagined too.

Making different styles with technique and precision.

I remember the teacher, I always saw him outside the pool, walking along the edge. He was a man who evidently fed very well from above, gave instructions to all his students.

I could never see him inside the pool, the physicist seems not to help him.

I arrive my first day, we were around 15 boys, all younger like me.

We were all at the edge of the pool in the deepest part looking towards the water. I estimate that in that area the depth reached 2.60 meters or double my height.

He explained to us that the best way to learn was what he would teach us.

May we all remain very calm and relaxed.

He screams at the top of the line to throw himself into the water with nothing just with his little body. And he just threw himself and got lost in the depths.

Suddenly I see that the little one emerges from the depths like a dolphin.

He could hold on to the edge of the pool, the teacher told us to help him out.

At that point I was scared and nervous. The very happy teacher told us about the best method in the world to learn to swim.

I was the fifth, all the previous ones could emerge without problems.

Wanted to escape, the teacher was starting to get more nervous than me . . yelled at me, ordered me to throw me off the cliff.

Closed my eyes, took a deep breath as much as I could and let myself fall.

Do not stop until I reached the end of the pool, on the floor, I was sitting looking up. It was not going up, it was like a stone standing now on the white floor of the pool.

I was starting to miss the air.

Suddenly I see a stick coming towards me. I grab it with my hands, it was the great teacher making strength helping me to emerge from the waters.

My classmates had no problems, they all emerged without help.

I can accept that swimming is not for me .

Also, that the way of teaching was not for me, but for others.

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jojocinq Premium
Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your stories
Claudiojuan Premium
I love your comments ... thank you very much!
Villarose1 Premium
We all have our strengths and weaknesses Claudio. If swimming is not for you then probably you can thrive here at WA because if the thorough teachings and guidance of kyle and everyone around here.
We so blessed indeed!
Claudiojuan Premium
You are very right. But after many years I have seen other swimming teachers teach differently. Thank you very much for participating.
starfalex123 Premium
Amazing post Claudio,Great Job wonderful experience. All the best to you on your journey at WA. Fitzgerald
Claudiojuan Premium
Many thanks Fitzgerald!
It is my pleasure to receive your comments.
Isaiah14 Premium
I always learn something from your intriguing posts, Claudio 😊.
Claudiojuan Premium
Yes Isaiah does not understand well after many battles how can I tell them. :-)