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March 25, 2020
Hi there,I have been missing in action for a little while on here, and in my business. Truth is, depression hit me hard, taking action toward something I want so much, was simply not possible.And I have not been kind to myself. You see, on one hand, we are blessed. I have a husband with a good paying job, heck, he is actually making more money right now than he has over the last few months, and more work than he can possibly do.At the other hand, my children and I are chronically ill - and tha
Hi there,yesterday morning I ran into a neighbor, as I was walking our dogs, and she was getting ready to go to work. I asked her how she was doing, and she said, I am blessed, thank you.That response stuck with me all day, and still is, because it is such a beautiful response, that is a lot better than saying "I am well."Because:One can not feel well, and still realize their blessedOne can struggle, or go through stuff, but still realize the blessings in lifeOne can feel overwhelmed by the sh
Hi there,paying attention to details in your business is important, especially if it involves numbers or facts - I know this seems obvious, but we just had a funny little occurrence of what can happen when you are not paying attention to details.As some of you know, my children and I have a genetic illness. Because of this we deal with medical charts a lot, and my daughter just went over hers, and noticed how some of her numbers made no sense. Somehow they have managed to get her height wrong m
Hi there,while I have been working on growing one of my Instagram accounts lately, I have come across a little resource group for exactly that purposeA Facebook group called Instagram Support Group is a private group that you can ask to join to help you grow your Instagram account.How Does It Benefit You? There are daily threads to assist you, for the followinggetting more likes on your individual picturesclick through from your profile, to whatever you have linked to itgetting more commentsAll
Hi there,so I was going to check on some competition data for research purposes as I always do, using Ubersuggest first, and I was very surprised to see limited features available to me!Instead it prompted my to upgrade to a 10 Dollar a month option, with a 7 Day TrialWhile I am not too happy about this, of course, because I got used to the unlimited free access, I understand the reason behind it, I also immediatly thought of everyone here who is in the money making niche (I am not)Wouldn't thi
Leaders are not born, they are made - forged by your own will, by goals, and by taking chances, just like you took a chance when you started working on your business here on Wealthy Affiliate. However, leaders have common traits that you should acquire, whether you are going to build a one-person business, or planning on expanding beyond that.7 Traits of Great Leaders:They radiate positive energyThey have a proactive attitudeThey delegate tasks, without reservationThey are approachableThey do
Hi thereWhat is your definition of wealth? The accumulation of money, success with your business, or having enough to retire comfortably? Today, I want to offer you a definition to contemplate as you go along your days here in WA:Wealth: The ease and freedom to be generous, the ease and freedom to to pursue your dreams, the ease and freedom to uplift others.If you look at it this way, you are already wealthy. You are already blessed with the ability to be generous, the ability to persue your dr
Hi there,for those of you who are working hard, but need a bit of a pick me up, or a way to overcome limited beliefs and programming, I have a little affirmation for you today:I am easily and effortlessly changing old beliefs that block my success Repeat this statement every time you have a negative thought or doubt that creeps up - you know the one - that one that sounds like a voice from your past, or even your own voice, telling you that you are not good enough.Let's stop that, and replace i
Hi there,as some of you know, I started a podcast a little bit ago, and I just finished recording the first Sponsor segment for a sponsor today! I am so happy that I am already able to monetize the blog - well that is, if anyone will listen to it, lol - but at least I have a sponsor! Oh, and it is getting a lot easier to record, now that I am getting used to the whole setup, so that is also really nice, because all of the new things I had to do made me a little anxious, and therefore, I ended u
Hi there,a few days ago I wrote about if it was possible to make WA more disability friendly, but I realized that I never did that for my own site. You can read about this discussion here: I wonder if there was a possibility to make Wealthy Affiliate more disability-friendly. So I quickly looked up a plugin that can make wordpress websites a lot more accessible, and I am now using the following:One Click AccessibilityIt is really easy to use, simply install it, and it will do the rest for you.