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2018 is almost over, and hopefully you are ready for 2019, and all the opportunities that come with a New Year.However, I find it therapeutic and productive to give thanks and reflect upon the passing year, by taking a few moments to write down anything I am grateful for over the last few months. These items on my list, are not always accomplishments, but also include lessons, and stumbling blocks, because often, they were even more valuable in the long-run than the achievements. Here are some
Hi there! With 2018 almost done, I have one very important question for you:Are you ready for 2019?I do not mean that in a casual way, but have you made a solid plan, with tangible goals and a list of projects? No?If you have - good for you!But if you have not, then I have a few tips on how you can still set yourself up for a stellar year, maybe even the best year that you had so far. That would be nice, wouldn't it?Here are some steps you may want to consider when planning for 20181. Mindset -
Hi Everyone!I wanted to let you all know, that I am going to turn my main focus of the posts, I am going to share with you here, to Anti-Procrastination and Productivity, especially as it relates to creating, managing and maintaining your online business.Now my questions to you:Is this something you would be interested in?What are your biggest challenges to overcoming procrastination?Are there any specific areas of productivity and motivation that you would like to learn more about?As I mention
Hi there!As you may know, Instagram only allows one link in the bio of your profile, which is very limiting, and quite annoying when you are trying to get people to go to your websites, and other social media platforms. However, this is where Linktree used to be the best option to help you with that. It offered a space on their site, where you could leave your links, and in return received one link that would redirect your followers from Instagram to their platform - and to your little list of
Hi everyone!Okay, I have been MIA for a while now, here on Wealthy Affiliate, and mostly also on my blogs, because I have been doing some soul searching.Over the last two years, my main focus here was to make money (of course), and all of my choices were based on that alone, trying to make profit. Well, that left me in burnout, and pretty miserable, because simply put, I hate writing reviews about other people's business products - with a passion, apparently. I don't like the money-making niche
Hi everyone!I have been looking for a productivity system that works for all of my business and personal needs, and I finally found it!!What you see here is my partial home screen - it would be too large to show you the entire dashboard, but you get the point.No, I am not sponsored or affiliate with this program, but I just love it a lot, so I wanted to share it with you today.Here are some of the features I enjoy the most:1. It is completely flexible. I designed my own dashboard, whic
Hi everyoneI have just read the news that Google is finally pulling the plug on Google +. To be honest, I was wondering why it has taken so long, considering that the only merit of this platform, happens to be from a standpoint of ranking one’s content. However, as a social media platform, it does not have any other uses, and will now go down or up to whatever resting place a social media platform moves to after it has left the internet.What were your favorite aspects of Google plus? Or d
As I am sitting here, with a newly dislocated rib, and a decreasing core weakness, I had to make the decision of being mad at the world, and at everyone who (in my opinion) should care about my dreams, desires, and my health, but don't, or if I could take some of this anger and frustration and turn it into something productive.I decided upon the latter. What good will it do, to wish for someone to care - may it be about your business ideas, your time, how serious you truly are with your goals,
Hi everyone! With September approaching fast, I am in the middle of planning all the activities that I need to take in order to stay focused on my goals. Here are some things I have in mind for September1. Planning for the upcoming holiday season. If you have not started working on your promotions, and strategies on how you can make most out of the holiday (and shopping) season, then you should get started right about now. I am about to do the same - usually I start earlier, but this year has b
Hi there!Learning something new is pretty exiting and tremendously important when it comes to affiliate marketing, or running any kind of business, online or offline, in order to be able to stay competitive. However, retaining the massive amount of information in a short period takes some strategies, and one of those strategies is what I want to talk to you about today:Asking Yourself The Right Questions To Encourage Retention And Taking ActionEvery time you learn something new, ask yourself th