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Hi everyoneI have just read the news that Google is finally pulling the plug on Google +. To be honest, I was wondering why it has taken so long, considering that the only merit of this platform, happens to be from a standpoint of ranking one’s content. However, as a social media platform, it does not have any other uses, and will now go down or up to whatever resting place a social media platform moves to after it has left the internet.What were your favorite aspects of Google plus? Or d
As I am sitting here, with a newly dislocated rib, and a decreasing core weakness, I had to make the decision of being mad at the world, and at everyone who (in my opinion) should care about my dreams, desires, and my health, but don't, or if I could take some of this anger and frustration and turn it into something productive.I decided upon the latter. What good will it do, to wish for someone to care - may it be about your business ideas, your time, how serious you truly are with your goals,
Hi everyone! With September approaching fast, I am in the middle of planning all the activities that I need to take in order to stay focused on my goals. Here are some things I have in mind for September1. Planning for the upcoming holiday season. If you have not started working on your promotions, and strategies on how you can make most out of the holiday (and shopping) season, then you should get started right about now. I am about to do the same - usually I start earlier, but this year has b
Hi there!Learning something new is pretty exiting and tremendously important when it comes to affiliate marketing, or running any kind of business, online or offline, in order to be able to stay competitive. However, retaining the massive amount of information in a short period takes some strategies, and one of those strategies is what I want to talk to you about today:Asking Yourself The Right Questions To Encourage Retention And Taking ActionEvery time you learn something new, ask yourself th
The Flaw With SiteComment/SiteFeedback System(and how I think we could fix it) I have recently read a few posts that talked about the importance of the Site Comment and Feedback system, but how hard it seems to be to get any comments or feedback at the moment because of lack of involvement, and other threads that are available that pretty much do the same (with their own set of flaws build in)I personally love the idea of that system, I use it as often as I have time to - which is not as much a
There are times where you content warrants buy now buttons, whether you are using affiliate marketing, or selling your own products, however in order to entice more people to click on this button, you should not be afraid to get creative.Try out different styles, colors, and variants, that fit both with your niche, and the overall color scheme of your website, while keeping the psychology of colors in mind.Yes, some colors will make people click buy now buttons more frequently, but that only wo
A little while ago, I wrote about a health update, as well as the fact that heart related content could become a great little niche to explore - even I was kidding a little bit about that, at the timeAfter getting many encouragements from you folks, I decided to take the plunge, and start my heart health site!I got the domain - which was such a luck, because I got it in exchange for testing a website - I am now the proud owner of a heart related domain name already (reveal sometime in the near
Hi everyoneThere are now and continuing to be times when I am not going to be as active on my sites, and here on Wealthy Affiliate as I would like to be.Currently, we are trying to figure out what exactly the cause of my daughters heart problem is, and it does not look like I am going to like the answer. You see, I expected for a while now that we have EDS in our family (Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome, a genetic disease that affects connective tissue) but was not sure of what type. Judging by what I fo
Once a month, I want to share with you a book that I think you could all benefit from - these will range from self-help to business - anything that can teach you skills to move further in live. I will not include links - that would fall under the spam rules here on WA, so simply google the book or go to your favorite book store to pick it up. If you are looking for some inspiration this month, then read this book: Unstoppable by Betsy Craig.While this is not your typical business book, it is no
I know that many of us here, have other obligations, such as children, or full time jobs, that keep us from devoting long hours at a time on working on our affiliate business.But, I am here to remind you that progress can be made in those short moments as well - 5 minutes here or there - to work through a lesson, schedule social media, or outline a blog post. These five minute work intervals ad up, even if it might not seem like it, as long as you take advantage of every five minute segment you