Countdown #7 - Why WA Is My Ticket Out

Last Update: March 10, 2019

Reason # 7

Laughter is good for the soul and an excellent stress reliever. Don't forget to laugh today.

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JSeale Premium
I love that blog and I love that picture! Sometimes I actually feel that way, but my face isn't as cute as that little girl's about it. It makes me laugh and you are right, laughter is good for the soul and it does relieve stress!
CandP Premium
You made us laugh, thank you!
One day you will not have to go to that job anymore and you are working towards that now.
C & P
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Yes. I visualize about that day often. Can't wait.
Pastordna Premium
Laughter can be of a great medicine especially it's inducing ability is skillfully crafted like you've just done with that little pix In that your blog. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.
Bnew Premium
We sure need lots of it, that lil girl brings more laughter with her looks
NnurseBecca Premium
Haha! 😄