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Last Update: April 29, 2018

I've been moving along in my training pretty well. Most of the tasks make sense to me once I've done them. But, every once in a while, I leave a task incomplete, because I've run into technical trouble and I can't continue. So, I put my question to the community and go on. I go on to the next task.

Since they're simple tasks, I find this easy to do. It's easy to involve myself in the next step and soon, I forget about the incomplete one. I've done this several times.

I notice, as these incomplete's stack up, I become slower and slower. I slow to a snails pace which will continue until I get them done.

Now, I going back and completing every one.

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Sure you have to complete every step Clare. Sometimes, like you I may leave one behind especially if I am feeling tired or short of time. Sometimes just starting afresh on another day makes it seem easier to solve. Best Alan
clarerubel Premium
Yea, that's true. I often push the envelope and loose patients with it. I need to learn a new habit. Thanks, Alan.
MAdkins2 Premium
One of my pet peeves is completing all the tasks. It is way to easy to to click them as done just to move along. Don't worry about being slow, the goal is to learn what you need to learn.
Much success to you!

clarerubel Premium
buffetearns Premium
Good advice!

KVanWormer Premium
Isn't this an awesome course?
Walks you through every step of the way.
If I were just better at writing content!

clarerubel Premium
It IS an awesome course, Kenny.

Content comes easier if you write about what you know.

Just write "stream of consciousness" and then, edit.