Getting Started

Last Update: December 06, 2015

Trudging slowly through the Affiliate Bootcamp training, going forwards then backwards to make sure I could wring every last bit of information out of the lessons. Tasks! Tick the box if you've done the tasks!

Naughty me. I'd managed, with a lot of hand-wringing and hair-tearing, to put up an About Me page, and the nice'n'easy Privacy Policy. Top of my to-do list this Monday morning was create my Getting Started page.

Get started? How on earth can I tell someone how to get started? I've barely started myself! That's the point. I am actually at the Get Started point. How long did it take to get to this point? To sift through the garbage-can of the internet, to avoid being parted from my money with 'get rich quick' ideas and rubbish being touted by various gurus.

What is it that is drilled into our heads? We have to help our audience solve a problem. Right. So what I, and many of us, are actually doing on our Getting Started page is attempting to solve the problem of "where do I start" - well, you start here. We are not telling them how to reach the end result, we are providing a solution at this point in their search for a new online career.

Happy Monday everyone.

Now to think about "themes" for my website and come up with ten post ideas. This should take hours and much procrastination.

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Crystalone Premium
I agree. I have been reading blogs and training because this is all new so to all beginners I think before you jump in learn as much as you can study and learn do your research and keep plugging away we will get there this is a great community.
Catfish77 Premium
That's Great an God Bless !!!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Clare, some times it can take a little time to get things done. Don't panic, take it step by step it is all progress. We all get there in the end.
Martstervt Premium
Following training is a good start.

SteveOlan Premium
Your off to a good start. Just follow the training as much as you can and try not to jump ahead. Good Luck!