My experience thus far at WA.

Last Update: April 10, 2019

Just want to encourage all newbies about this wonderful platform of a journey this far. As a newcomer myself I can't reiterate enough how wonderful this learning platform is!

kyle is very concise and to the point, the videos are super informative, his voice is encouraging, easy on the ears and most of all he knows by the way he teaches that you will succeed if you put your mind, heart and soul into it! Just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF because we can do this , we will do this and I wish all the best success imaginable!

P.s. Thank-you all friends of the community thus far, and if I missed anyone, sorry for that it just that the learning kinda has me busy.

Carry On!

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NewLaurie Premium
Hi Christopher,

You're doing great! Keep up your fantastic attitude and hard work. Onward and upward for you!

CJC67 Premium
Thank-you so much Laurie I really do appreciate comments from someone who has shown exemplary steadfastness in this community! Please keep pressing forward as we need examples like you here!