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May 03, 2019
Well, what can I say, I have been at this for almost a month and I can truly say that I have learned more in one month than over 8 months in times past on almost going it alone trying to learn HTML, H1, H2, h ref etc. Although I still do not really know coding, I'm not too concerned with my inabilities in regard to website building.Why? I know that everyone on this platform all has their own personal story, that would really show how patient and persistent one has to be with one's self and in s
I'm starting to get excited now! I need to work more diligently on my site though keep going forward!
Just want to encourage all newbies about this wonderful platform of a journey this far. As a newcomer myself I can't reiterate enough how wonderful this learning platform is! kyle is very concise and to the point, the videos are super informative, his voice is encouraging, easy on the ears and most of all he knows by the way he teaches that you will succeed if you put your mind, heart and soul into it! Just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF because we can do this , we will do this and I wish all the best suc
April 08, 2019
Just finished lesson 7 and finished my first post and page!