Sandboxing: Create a test site for your experiments.

Last Update: March 07, 2016

Coming from a video game development background I just happen to have some habits that follow me around. Good habits.

It might be that you have a website up and running and you want to try a new plugin out or you have some crazy hack job idea that makes you stop and think "Wait a second... I don't want to break my website by accident! Maybe I won't do this... even though it could be awesome".

Well, those barriers could hold you back. But there's a solution! Create a "sandbox" website on SiteRubix to do your mad science in. If things go wrong, you can wipe it and start over. Things that go right you can replicate on your real sites.

Using a sandbox helps you eliminate risks to your real sites and gives you the freedom to make mistakes in safety. If you have anything crazy you want to try out, make a sandbox site right now and go for it. Learn to be as creative as can be.


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paulo55 Premium
Yes, a very good advice.
KatieMac Premium
Very good advice I have a test site and it is a must in my opinion, thank you Robert and have a good weekend