7 days in WA University

Last Update: November 07, 2016

10/31/16. - I signed up for what I call, WA University, I went premium and went through training. Today is 11/7/16 and I am building three websites. How am I feeling? Ecstatic, nervous, hopeful and impatient.

Ecstatic - because I am learning so much. The training is incredible! Without it, I would not have come this far in 7 days.

Nervous - because I still have the "what if's". "What if this doesn't work", "what if no one reads my stuff?" But, I sure don't feel alone in these feelings. Everyone here signed up and at one time, has felt this nervousness, right?

Hopeful - Since I've signed up, I see that I can realistically build something long term. It has definitely given me a renewed hope and confidence. I can do this. We can do this - together.

Impatient - because I want everything to happen now. I am a result driven person. I want to do it and see the fruits of my labor. But, Nathaniell reminded me that it's o.k. to not have instant success. It will eventually happen.

So, I have to remind myself of this :

I know I just have to take the steps and move up each day. And on the day I reach the top step, I hope I will graduate with honors.

As always, I am so thankful for Kyle and Carson for being my "Professors" so to speak. And a big thank you for the WA community for the encouragement.

Thank you all for reading. I must get back to work but until then, let's rock this!


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MKearns Premium
Great job and now you can track your progress up front. New rollout per Carson. described in later post.
Cindy624 Premium
Thank you for so much!
MPollock Premium
Nice work keep it up
Cindy624 Premium
Thank you so much! I will keep at it.
katie741 Premium
Love your attitude! I wake up feeling this way everyday still. Then I've got to go to work and my bubble bursts. lol. So excited to be building something and seeing results little by little.
Cindy624 Premium
Thank you so much Katie! I Lol about the bubble burst and work! So true sometimes, right? Little by little is nice!