Eyes on the Prize

Last Update: April 09, 2014

I am a self taught hooker. (That's what we call ourselves in the crochet world) I began before the internet was of any real use. It was hard but I kept my goal of a lace doily in mind. I kept looking at the picture and imagining where I would place it in my house. I had to learn new stitches, shorthand, terms and how to read a graph. I kept at it. I asked questions (face to face) of other hookers, I read more articles and I kept applying what I learned. Before I knew it, I had completed my first doily!

That was many years ago and since then I've made all sorts of different projects big and small. Now I am attempting to crochet a stuffed bunny. I've been almost done it for days now. I'm having problems with one ear! Every day, I spend some time on it trying to figure out where I keep making the same mistake. I wish there was someone here, like there always is with Wealthy Affiliate to help me out!

The above story is true. It is also an analogy of coming to Wealthy Affiliate. I don't know anything about this, but, like with my crocheting adventures, there is tons of help, free for the asking to help me to reach my goals and then help me attain new goals.

I know if I keep working at it, some day it will click and it will become easier and easier. I do know another thing, we all can do it if we really keep our eyes on our goals!

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Androo63 Premium
I like your attitude. You started with a small goals, worked hard at it, researched what you needed, then expanded your goals and achievements. I am sure this process will help you in business too.
Cinaje Premium
Thank you. I really want this to work so I've really got to work it
Avecita Premium
You've absolutely got the right attitude there! I feel the same and have already achieved way more than I thought possible, by approaching it with a ''no matter what it is, I can and will learn'' mentality. Here's to your success! :)