Excite, excitement, excited...

Last Update: April 10, 2014

Oh my gosh!!! April 8, 14 I joined here! April 9, 14 I went premium! Today....I've got a rank!!! I am so pumped! Today I am going to get my website built and plow through a couple more lessons! Oh yes, and I'm going to get that bunny finished!

Yesterday I was getting bogged down. I was letting my ability to jump ahead of myself to get in my way and confuse me. I closed the computer down and did some different things. When I do this, it gives my brain a chance to slow down and think of the problem in the background, while doing something else I enjoy.

This is going to be a great business while I'm overnight trucking! I tend to do a lot of thinking. Now I can be thinking about something useful and worthwile!

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move49 Premium
I love your energy and enthusiasm for this great opportunity. I'm with you!
Cinaje Premium
Thank you, if you want anything bad enough and you connect with the right product, I think the excitement naturally follows.
felipefish Premium
Great Job Cinaje,keep going on that way.I wish you all the best
Cinaje Premium
Thanks. Your blog on the spam phrases was interesting! I don't have Twitter so your other 2 blogs weren't much use, for now. I can always go back to them! :)