My second website in development

Last Update: February 17, 2017

I'm working on PC Games for Steam, a video game review site to promote "Steam keys" and any merchandise that gamers would like to buy. You can find all kinds of collectibles, hand-made crafts, T-shirts, mugs, anything is possible with video games.

I've finished all my main pages except the list of genres since it takes time to research them and compile all the information. On a good note, I have written some guides on navigating Steam for anyone who wants to make an account.

There were some difficulties when trying to overcome writer's block because English is not my first language. Nonetheless, I managed to get 10 pages out of the way. My first posts were on the debate between PC and console gaming. I enjoyed hearing what everybody else had to say on my blogs.

In the next three month I can tell I will be setting up affiliate links with video game retailers like Humble Bundle or Etsy to promote their products. Maybe I could break the 50 views per day traffic goal. Better yet I hope to get my first sale.

At the 6th month mark, I really will have a fully functional website with my own following and a form of passive income through ads, key purchases, and social media fans.

Perseverance is really about getting somewhere.



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AGOgden Premium
My sons are familiar with this site...keep up the great work...and...

Press On!

jtaienao Premium
You have the attitude of a winner Wendi. Your hard work will pay off before you know it. Keep up the good work and success will soon be knocking on your door.