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September 04, 2017
Hi guys, I realize I haven't been using WA as much as before since I've completed practically all the lessons. It was an enjoyable experience to setup a WordPress site and go from there. I'm moving on to my own blog at any of you are still interested in the video game niche. You can follow my blog on social media channels. It was nice being a part of the WA community as we've all learned a lot about making affiliate marketing work for us. Google+:
I'd like to start off with some good news. I've learned how to put up ads on PC Games for Steam. It was only a matter of remembering to put <html> and <head> before and after the ad code itself. If only Wealthy Affiliate had more tutorials on how to make adjustments with Ad sense networks to customize one's site. There are many different ways to do that: Google Ad sense allows you to assess the past performance of your site as the number of impressions and clicks made per day. Now I
I'm almost done, still on Course 3 of the Certification but trying to fix banners to the sidebar menus is tricky without understanding WordPress CSS. I've applied to many different affiliates and I decided to start with CJ Conversant. I realized it's better to join an affiliate group rather than individual affiliates since they are more reputable, owning multiple selections to choose from. Also there is the chance of being rejected if I didn't have much content on my website. What about you guy
February 17, 2017
I had been on a brief hiatus over the weekend but I'm back now. I took a break showing my friends around Boston. The we went home to see my younger brother performing in a chorus. I'm actually surprised by the amount of progress I've made and I have managed to complete course two of the Online Certification. It was not too overwhelming compared to my attempt on the Bootcamp course.
I'm working on PC Games for Steam, a video game review site to promote "Steam keys" and any merchandise that gamers would like to buy. You can find all kinds of collectibles, hand-made crafts, T-shirts, mugs, anything is possible with video games. I've finished all my main pages except the list of genres since it takes time to research them and compile all the information. On a good note, I have written some guides on navigating Steam for anyone who wants to make an account. http://pcgamesforst
February 05, 2017
I was able to receive supportive critique of my first website and I would like to thank all those who contributed to my progress. The only thing I'm waiting on right now is for Site Support to help me with the menu font sizes since I can't figure out how to change them on my specific theme. Anyhow, it has been quite motivating to be here!
January 27, 2017
Just completed Certification Course #1 with a new website!
January 23, 2017
I finally figured out how to get indexed by Google. I suppose that means my 1st site will be searchable with Google's search engine?
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