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Last Update: June 22, 2013
Hi Guys & Gals,
Recently, I acquired a couple websites. These sites already have some content on them. Some of it is okay and some of it is not. The names of these sites are really good and I could definitely use them for some affiliate stuff. But, I really want them for my son. He's been wanting to have have his own blog and he's serious about it.

However, I'm concerned about what will happen when I remove/replace this content with new stuff. Basically, I want to completely strip these sites and build them back like new. does anyone know what the repercussions will be with Google or any other engines?

I felt like this was a pretty basic problem but them more I think of it the more problems I can see. What are your thoughts on this?

As always any help is much appreciated.
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dshmizil Premium
I actually used to be working with buying old domains in auctions/buy it now formats and rebuilding from scratch on them. Basically, you can start over and retain the "authority" the site has built up, but within a quick window. I've heard 30 days but I would do it within a few days of buying the site.

Of course, you won't keep any of the content if you are building it up from fresh nothingness, but if it's a PR 3 with a domain age of 5 years, for example, those numbers will stick.
christopherM Premium
Thanks for the reply. The sites have been stagnant for months now. And I'm keeping on the same hosting account. Hopefully this won't affect them. I guess I'm gonna just delete the old content and start new. Thanks again.
dshmizil Premium
Sure thing. Good luck!