Breast Cancer

Last Update: November 14, 2013

Yesterday someone blogged "Mammogram anyone? ", which reminded me of the fact that it was breast cancer awareness last month and I actually went to have one done as the insurance would also pay for it during that month.My husband found some info and passed it onto me and I found the link on the web.

Just a few facts here if you do not want to read the whole article:

  • the incidence is now 1 in 8 which is frighteningly high
  • plastics have long been suspected of being a link to breast cancer, this has not been confirmed
  • early puberty and obesity are risk factors
  • chemicals and toxins in water seem to increase the risk
  • genetics play a definite role, read the story on Angelina Jolie who was in the news recently
  • there is a new three dimensional scan available which is more sensitive than the conventional mammogram. In Cape Town it is available in the Southern Suburbs.
  • a mammogram is done in conjunction with an Ultrasound which increases the sensitivity
  • a mammogram is not nearly as painful as is made out to be
  • mammograms save lives and should be done yearly

The bottom line:

lifestyle and environmental factors play a role. Childhood obesity leads to earlier puberty and increases the risk. Filtered water may be the way to go.

We only drink filtered water at home( and I at work). It improves the taste and may well improve your health as well.

Here is to increase awareness.

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lanesamarie Premium
Great blog Christine! I do my mammogram every year...