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Last Update: April 19, 2017

I started my business, Prepare To Act in January of 2012, well, that's when it was official, I began creating in throughout the year of 2011. The concept is simple, to create original as well as time tested personal safety training, and offer that training in a clean, relaxed environment in our own space. All of this training is based on my twenty years of experience in law enforcement and my passion to help others within my community.

While creating the "brick and mortar," location of Prepare To Act, I always had in the back of my mind the need to create my own webpage. The concept of the page would be to write my own material, create blogs and actually do personal safety product reviews. Now that I've started to build this site,, with the help and training from the Wealthy Affiliate, I've realized who simple the concept is but how much work it actually takes to build a successful website.

I've been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for about five weeks now, following the training and building up the content of my new site. With that, I've slowly began to get more involved int he community aspect of WA and have really found it to be enjoyable and discovered a lot of useful information. With the short time that I've spent at WA, it's helped to understand how important it is to create a community type environment on your site. I'm thankful I've found it.

If anyone is interested to see what I've accomplished thus far, here's the website address: www.preparetoact. org....

Please understand it's still a huge work in progress...And I am open to all suggestions and advice. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or offer suggestions that could be helpful.

Thanks so much!


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Are all your loans paid from those kind people helping you get this venture off the ground??? I think not. Good to know you are a wealthy affiliate.
tomarillotta Premium
Oyz49 Premium
Hi, I tried to open it Chris, but was told the DNS server could not be found. Just for your info. :)
Ivine Premium
Hi Chris, keep up the good work. Irv.
accad Premium
Great progress.