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April 19, 2017
I started my business, Prepare To Act in January of 2012, well, that's when it was official, I began creating in throughout the year of 2011. The concept is simple, to create original as well as time tested personal safety training, and offer that training in a clean, relaxed environment in our own space. All of this training is based on my twenty years of experience in law enforcement and my passion to help others within my community. While creating the "brick and mortar," location of Prepa
March 31, 2017
To this point in my life I have tried a lot of different ideas, worked really hard and trying to find a second source of income and push myself and my family past that pay check to pay check nightmare. As most of us here I was met with nothing but scams, nonsense and a waste of time. This is definitely not my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate. I find the process to be extremely rewarding and feels so great to be building up my niche website as I go through the training. Such a smart ave
Feels Good To Make Some Progress....More To Come!