The Narrow Blogging Strategy

Last Update: November 07, 2021

The Importance of Brand Building for a Niche Market

Niche markets are still profitable, but they require a lot more work to be successful at it. In my opinion, very narrow niches will have you cornered quickly, and writer's block will kick in easily.

This section will talk about how a brand should be built for a niche market and why a narrow blog will have you frustrated quickly.

How to Choose a Niche that Works for You

Game developers have a sweet spot in the market. They can leverage their knowledge of video games to create a blog that caters to gamers.

A gaming site is not a narrow blog. A blog about a specific game would be narrow. Blogging about a specific system Xbox or Playstation would still leave plenty of room to write about.

Questions you have to ask yourself when picking a narrow Niche:

Will I have enough to write about?

Is there traffic for this niche?

How am I going to monetize it?

It would be best if you also looked at niches that are currently growing and have the potential to grow even more because they have been ignored by marketers or forgotten about.

One such example is pet care. People love their pets and tend to spend a lot of money on them, but they don't always get the care they need. You can offer pet owners everything from dog training tips to grooming advice while charging higher rates for your services because you have a bigger general market but yet specific to their type of dog.

If you narrow your site down to just a specific breed of dog or cat, I think you're going to have issues down the road. But, generally, most people, when searching the web, aren't looking for that narrow of advice.

Building a wealthy affiliate site and making sure you have a lot to write about takes some planning.

what I would do when picking a niche for dogs.

Go with:

Small Dog

Very Small Dog

Medium Dog

Large Dog

That way, no matter the breed, they will find what they are looking for if they have a small dog. Of course, most dogs are mixed breeds anyway. But you can still write about the different species of small dogs, great toys for small dogs, treats for small dogs, and so forth.

When picking a niche for your Wealthy Affiliate website, don't go too narrow! You can narrow it down by using categories also known as a silo site.

What is a silo site?

Silo structure is a type of web design that divides content into logical categories. This way, all the information in one class is related to the topic in another. For example, on an e-commerce site, there could be a "shoes" category and a "shirts" category. The shoe category would have all the pages related to shoes, including shoe types, brand, shoe colors, and styles, etc.

Conclusion and Summary of Why You Shouldn't Opt for a Narrower Approach in the Long Run

You will be backing yourself in a corner to develop new ideas to write about and narrow your monetization methods. Using categories to silo a topic is the way to go. Later we will be talking about how to silo for page SEO juice.

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BrightSales Premium
This was a great insight into a narrow blog, friend. I would also choose from a small dog to a large dog niche if I had to. Your explanation that follows makes sense. Thanks. All the best!
JeffreyBrown Premium
We just have to be creative, Chris! Checking out "People also ask" on Google will also give us a wealth of new ideas too!