How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Last Update: April 22, 2018

How to be a successful affiliate marketer.

You might be asking:

How do I make money blogging?

How do the successful affiliate marketers make money?

First Step

One of the first steps is deciding which niche you plan on being an affiliate marketer for.
Doing this step, you should easily find a niche that's profitable and fun for you.

Go ahead and grab you a notepad and a pen and start writing down all your hobbies and interests.

Don’t think them in your head writing things down helps. It also helps so you don’t forget something - just try it.

The second list I want you to create is to write down any problems. For example, common life problems, health, financial, dating, marriage and other day to day life challenges you have or had faced sometime in your life.

The third list I want you to write down anything else you you're interested in. Things that learning more about would be fun.

Spending a day or even a week building this list. Take your time on this complete some training in Wealthy Affiliate and play around with building a website.

Even after you start the first step to be a successful affiliate marketer, you will want to add more ideas for future projects. Your list should always be growing and evolving. This is because after you start learning a few things, you might want to make a change or start a second stream of money.

Ok, now you have three strong lists of niches. If you can help people solve issues, this is always one of the best types of niches. For instance, how to keep the romance in a marriage going. What are the best ways to save for a college fund or house?

Do any of the ideas from your list standout to you?

Don’t worry about evaluating these ideas for profitability yet you're just brainstorming.

Pick one idea and come up with different words people might search for. Then go to Jaaxy in your Wealthy Affiliate Backoffice to start doing a little research. If you don’t know what Jaaxy is, then go over the “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1” This will go over in greater detail on how to narrow the niche down.

If you have not completed training one do this before researching your niche.

Second Step

The second step on how to be a successful affiliate marketer is to get started building a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy just start putting one together and keep going through your Wealthy Affiliate training courses. What I did was go through the course and took 10-minute breaks when I finished a chapter and practiced building a dummy website.

Third Step

The third step on how to be a successful affiliate marketer is to generate content preferably 4 or more pieces a week. This is how the big kids do it. Problem is they usually have writers doing it for them where if you're like me and don’t have much money you will have to generate it yourself.

Keep taking action and don’t stop – Don’t worry what other people think – Do the best you can and get posting. You can always go back over the content and update it.

Not generating enough content was my biggest Achilles Heel. I could tell you how to optimize a site and everything, but as for writing it down, I dreaded doing that. In fact, English was my lowest grade throughout my schooling career.

Once I started building content and doing it on a regular basis that is when I saw a big difference in my affiliate marketing.

Fourth Step

The fourth step on how to be a successful affiliate marketer is commitment. Being a successful affiliate marketer doesn’t happen overnight, in fact, it might take a year or two. So when you get down that you haven’t earned anything yet, we have all been there. The ones who are strong and make it through these weak times are the ones who are successful.

Keep in mind every step forward you take on becoming a top affiliate marketer is one step closer to living that digital lifestyle we all desire.

Don’t Quit – Generate Content and keep moving forward!

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pinkthistle Premium
Thank you! Very encouraging. I have not been at this long but I think I’ve figured out what my site is so looking forward to posting. I have not had my own income for quite a while so although I need income and am more than ready it also helps me walk through one step at a time and be patient for results. I love reading that others are making it work, reminds me that I can too!
ChrisLJones Premium
Yes, you can Corey it is taking one step at a time and moving forward to the next step and not stopping.
firstlearn Premium
Hello Chris. thanks for this inspirational article. I think one of the most important points is made in step 4 and that is commitment. Far too many people start things that they can't commit them selves too, just because it looks like the best money earner. Unfortunately because of their lack of commitment they don't earn with it.

ChrisLJones Premium
I agree Derek commitment is the number one killer of dreams...
Sheris4U Premium
Thanks for the inspiration. How many words do you average on each of your content? Are some of your content just adds?
ChrisLJones Premium
Hi, Sheri, it varies but I shot for at least a five hundred word count on the rough draft. I then go back through and tweak it and write more. I then go ahead and publish them. I will then reread them at a later time for more corrections. I have put goals in SiteRubix content section here on Wealthy Affiliate and have been trying to hit them.
Creating content is not the easiest but it is the most important part of building an online business.