Update on 'Adding to' Google's Circles

Last Update: April 18, 2018

This addresses an issue with adding people to your circles in Google+. Please understand that there is no issue with the concept of adding to your circles, but just the mechanics of adding to your circles. The lableling of buttons maybe causing confusion.

In Kyle's Certification Course, 'Mastering Social Engagement', lesson six (6) - Google Plus or Minus?, Kyle teaches us in 'Task 3' of this lesson to identify our Googles' Profile URL. He also requests us to follow 10 other people and to add them to our circles.

I created a circle labled 'Wealthy Affiliates' in my Google Profile.

Now I want to add, all the people that I follow, into my 'Wealthy Affilites' Circle.

Kyle states that you need to go to the profile of the person you want to add and click on the button 'Add to Circles'

But, when you navigate to their profile, there is no button now labled 'Add to Circles'. There is a button to the right labled 'Following'.

To add this person to your circle for 'Wealthy Affiliates', just click on the 'Following' button and the next image appears....

Select the check box for Wealthy Affiliates and Kyle will be in your circle that you created labled 'Wealthy Affilites'. Click 'Done'.

Now Kyle's Profile will show that he is in 2 of your circles, 'Following' and 'Wealthy Affilites'

When you get to this Training, remember this post. It will resolve any confusion you may have due to the outdated material in the lesson.

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AlexEvans Premium
That is actually quite cool thanks for sharing John.